Anyone supplementing with cocoa flavanols?

I was sitting around twiddling my thumbs when I realized that chocolate is supposedly a healthy food. I typed into google “chocolate pills” and I came across a slew of articles from early 2014 talking about a group of 18,000 people that were being studied under the administrated of very high doses of cocoa flavanols.

So now there’s this product called “CocoaVia” that seems to be owned by Mars Inc, the candy company. Mars Inc. has a patent on the process by which cocoa flavanols are extracted and initially wanted to put it in pill form. It seems that isn’t available yet, or I just can’t find them, and unfortunately the product I linked to is not exactly… cheap. I’m hoping a pill will be available eventually.

Still, the research I’ve taken a cursory glance at looks very promising. The research being done now by Mars Inc. and Brigham (Harvard affiliate) won’t be available for review until 2019. Until then, does anyone think they might try some of this? If nobody is already, I might just order some myself first and report back.

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Haven’t tried this, but I do use cocoa in my diy.

It looks like you can find that stuff a bit cheaper though, here, or here. Let us know how it goes.

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I think they’re just different products, since they’re all sold by “CocoaVia”. The researchers were saying that the processing destroys most of the flavanols in cocoa, so you might not get any noticeable effect from it.

I think I’m gonna try it. The research so far is all pointing to beneficial effects but without anything on this specific product I’m taking a gamble. Still, an extra dollar a day doesn’t seem too steep. I’m kinda confused because the more expensive one is only 30 packets of 250mg, while the cheapest one is 60 packets of 375mg. Hm… something doesn’t add up.

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