Anyone take it overseas?


I am going to the Dominican for a trip to install a few hundred water filters for poor villages that don’t have drinking water. I want to ensure I don’t get any food issues so a few things:

  1. Has anyone taken this stuff through customs
  2. Any issues with it (oil) being in the heat for prolonged period of times?



Tagging @Leecauble who I believe has taken Soylent out of the country.


Took some to Ecuador in my Carry on. TSA here and customs there never blinked. I live in Arizona so it’s always hot. But I guess you are asking about living in un air conditioned environment. So I can’t answer what would happen to the oil in extreme heat for a prolonged time. One way to keep things cool is to bury them. Put the oil in a bag (maybe the one you took through TSA) dig down about a foot add some water to the soil and cover it. I used to do this to keep my drink cold at the beach.
What is the group you are working with? I’m looking for another mission.


I travelled with bottles of 100%FOOD in my backpack through USA-Russia-Spain-Netherlands-USA.
No problems with customs (except curiosity). And regular shipments to many countries justify that soylent is a “customs friendly” product.



I am involved with Rotary. Not faith based. We do water projects and have been the force behind eliminating polio since it started.


Love Rotary. My father-in-law was a member and one of my sons was a member of a high school sponsored club. For me missions are not necessarily associated with a faith based org. Any group looking to make the world a better place are on a mission for good.