Anyone Tried a Salty/Savory recipe?


I like to vary it up, and sometimes I want savory instead of sweet. Sometimes, I get the idea of having different tubs of soylent made up and each day, or meal, that can be chosen.

Has anyone ever tried a warm soylent, made with chicken/beef/veg broth? Or seasoning curry, adding soylent to squash soup?


Soy sauce might be added a more “umami” taste, though we only tried this on a neutrally-tasting DIY recipe, not on the official Soylent.

Also, the low content of salt in Soylent would then be an advantage.


Hmm… Soy sauce, rice protein, fish oil…



I take it no one then. =)


yes, I’ve tried it… (I’ve added beef bouillon), but the sweetness is still too high, it tasted like sweet/salty oatmeal, I drank it anyway, but it wasn’t as pleasant as I thought it might be)


Which version did you try it on? Also was it on warm soylent?


1.2 I believe (where it has less sucralose, I thought it would be a good base for a umami Soylent). I had it warm, now… thinking about this a bit more, I think I WILL try it again with other possible combinations: Curry/Pineapple/coconut milk, tomato, salt and pepper, and possibly lemon pepper.

Would definitely be interested in hearing things that other people have tried, would try, or think might be good.