Anyone tried Almased and can share experience? An 'add your own oil' powdered food replacement


When I told a few friends about soylent they wondered how it is different from Almased, I powder they’d been using for quite a while where you add your own choice of oil. They even list the protein profile, which soylent doesn’t:

Does anyone know this product and can share an experience? Thanks!


This is a "supplement " not a meal replacement like Soylent. If you were to consume the entire container you would get 1800calories plus what is added from the oil you choose. You would also have 270G of protein ,3400mg sodium & 5000mg potassium. The vitamins would be well above the recommended dose especially of concern would be the fat soluble ones. So if you are having this as a once a day “supplement” probably ok. Not OK as total meal replacement. It DOES NOT work like Soylent


Like @leecauble1 said, Soylent is food, or a meal replacement.

Almased is a diet aid, judging by the numerous reviews on Amazon. It’s main goal seems be be allowing a person to cut down to 500 calories/day, but still get 100% DRI of most nutrients. Judging by the same reviews (4.0 of 5 stars), it tastes and smells horrible.