Anyone tried both Huel and Soylent?


Specifically wondering about people that have done 100% Soylent for every meal for an extended period of time and then tried 100% Huel and compared the two. I have and noticed that I seem to have a bit more energy on Soylent but felt hungry more often. On Huel I had slightly less energy but never felt hungry. Anyone else try living on both that can share their comparisons?


I haven’t tried 100%, but I also found myself feeling that Soylent is more energizing but less filling while Huel is more filling but less energizing (relative to each other).


I think it might be because Huel has more fiber, but Soylent has more fat. I’m no dietician but I think fat gives you energy?


I switched to Huel when the grit in 1.8 became too much to deal with. I liked that Huel was higher protein and I also found it to be more filling, but I don’t think that it affected my energy levels. I prefer the taste and texture of Soylent powder so I did Soylent Cacao when that became available until recently when original was reworked. I am happily on Soylent 1.9 original and have plenty of energy.


I agree with the others who say Huel is more filling. It’s also less sweet, but then again I use the unsweetened Huel because I can’t tolerate the taste of Stevia.

I basically find powdered Soylent to be too sweet, and it seems to give me a slight headache if I chug it, so I have to sip it slowly. The bottled 2.0 is much better, I wish the powder was nutritionally more like the bottled.


I’ve tried both but only had it for lunch. I think Solent tastes better. Huel sent me a free shirt, which was cool. You can’t get a soylent shirt even if you wanted to buy one. They told me they wouldn’t allow me to make a batch and resell them either, so, boo.


At this point, I am using both, and I like them both. They are both good products imo, and they provide different food experiences, different ingredients, and different macronutrient contents. Soylent is more convenient, less expensive, and tastes better. Huel has more healthy ingredients and is a little more filling. Soylent is smoother and stays fresh longer. VanilIa Huel, with its artificial sweetener, is not very good and I don’t recommend it, but plain Huel is pretty cool. I am using more Soylent overall, but I like Huel (and Jimmy Joy) too.

Soylent deserves credit for coming up with whole concept, but now it has to defend itself against these newcomers, which are offering some different things.


Indeed. Most of the “newcomers” have a wider variety than Soylent does. Both product and flavour wise. However, Soylent should be able to increase their offering with their funding.

Anyhow, I feel that you can use both interchangeably. For me Huel has a more natural flavour (U&U), but even the new vanilla I don’t find it to be as sweet as many people do.


Conor sent me a shirt. They are very nice and really should be on sale.


Yeah! I want a T-shirt also. Never mind that the last thing I need is another one. I now have 2 Huel T-shirts.


I agree about selling shirts. I was one of the lucky ones to get a free one. I would have considered buying one. There’s nothing like customers paying you to be a walking billboard for your product. :slight_smile:


Let’s get you a Soylent shirt. Please email your size and address. :smile: Thanks!