Anyone Tried Bottling Soylent Yet?


In college, I took an interest in bottling and bottled everything from beer to limeaid. It occurs to me that there might be instances where it would be advantageous to be able to take soylent, but somewhere you might not be able to bring a container home or where measured, separated quantities might be desirable.

Has anyone tried this yet?


I know absolutely nothing about bottling. Let’s say Soylent has a shelf life of 3 days once mixed. How much would bottling extend this shelf life? Would we be safe to assume it would be good after10 days, or 30, or 60, etc?

How difficult is it to bottle? Is it time consuming and/or expensive?

If this works out then @briby can take the family back to the stadium and enjoy some ice cold Soylent while they munch on their Cracker Jacks. :slight_smile:


There was another thread similar to this where someone was talking about putting mixed Soylent into a keg. A question came up about whether the 2-3 day shelf life of Soylent was do to exposure to oxygen of a breakdown of the the ingredients.

If oxygen is the real issue then you could try filling the bottles with CO2 and then adding the mixed Soylent. Then when you cap it you should have no O2 in the bottle to affect the contents.

Someone else suggested canning but that would require heating that might breakdown the nutrients or cause other problems.


Yeah, its a serious challenge working out the logistics of long-term shelf-stable bottling when you get outside of alcohol. Im certain it could be done, but I’m not sure I’d be interested in the time and effort.

For me, I think the appeal would be reusing old bottles for short term storage at times when portioning or trying to keep the container might be inconvenient or impossible. Since bottling with a beer capper takes only a few seconds, I could see this being convenient for a lot of excursions where lugging an empty bottle around would be impractical.

It might also be interesting to see if attitudes of the uninitiated might change based on the serving container (i.e. soda style bottle vs beer bottle vs wine bottle etc). As a marketing professional specializing in human psychology, I’d be astounded if it didn’t make a noticeable difference, I’m just not sure whether it would be positive or negative.


what about inventing a way to keep the powder separate from the water in the bottle. Once you shake it hard enough, the powder is released into the water and VIOLA!!

Similar to those hand warming packs. They dont get warm until you snap the middle kind of thing.


I actually had an idea like this for soda that would keep the CO2 in a pressurized canister with a pierce opening. Twist a screw to open the CO2 cartridge and you have a freshly carbonated soda.

I know what you’re thinking. Who cares about a freshly carbonated soda, right?

Wrong. The CO2 was just a convenient delivery system that would give you what you were actually wanting: ice cold soda sans refrigeration.


yep… along the same lines doesnt the Black and Tan beer have something in it to keep it fresh?


YES!!! …Buy me some Soylent and Cracker Jack. I don’t care if I never get back… :slight_smile:


I think that you need some cracker-jack like snack that @isaackotlicky conjures up.


Because @j8048188 asked me to…

It’s lower in protein and higher in fat than I’d like, and is also low in vitamin C. So add orange juice?


At we made a dry powder and put it in the bottle:

Now you need to just add water from any source around (or milk, or juice, etc), shake and enjoy. It’s really handy. When we tried to offer our customers pouches or cans to mix it n the personal blender - they always prefer bottles. Even if we offered discounts.

Since we use dry only ingredients (flax seed, hemp seeds, sesame seeds and sprouted rice flour) and sealed bottle - it has a long shelf life. Without extra preservatives.

If someone wants to have some bottles for personal experiments - you’re welcome.


I mean - empty bottles as well:)


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