Anyone Tried Mixing Soylent 1.0 With Peanut Butter?


When I mixed Soylent 1.0 into a paste it looked almost like peanut butter. Has anyone mixed their Soylent 1.0 like this and added some peanut butter for flavor? It looks like it would make an incredible spread.


I know the instructions mention adding a couple of teaspoons of peanuts butter to 16oz of Soylent for flavoring.


I’m thinking about making it into Soylent peanut butter, like the kind you could spread on toast or something.


Interesting thought for sure! I already use PB2 powdered peanut butter but have never tried to make “Soylent butter”. I bet you could mix some of that with Soylent powder and use just enough water to make it into a paste and it would work out nicely.


I used the chocolate/peanut butter powder PB2. I mixed that in, and it was pretty good! However, it added quite a few calories (about 40 per tablespoon, and it takes 2-3 at least to make a sizeable difference). I prefer to add Hershey’s Special Dark Cocoa. 10 Calories per serving, STRONG flavor that balances the mild sweetness of soylent nicely!


Well now I have another option for breakfast tomorrow. Soylent PB and jelly toast with coffee. I have an opened bag I am willing to sacrifice some for in the name of science.


Okay it’s on! If anyone tries this, please report back on “Soylent Butter.”


OK that’s it. Testing time. I’m going to use liquid Soylent as the water content to mix up some PB2. I shall report shortly…


It’s official. Soylentbutter is quite tasty!

Frankly it doesn’t taste wildly different from just regular PB2 reconstituted with water. But I’m quite certain that nutritionally speaking, this makes for an AWESOME spread.

It’s also just a tad sweeter than usual too, undoubtedly due to the slight sweetness (to me anyway) of Soylent. But it works nicely with the PB2. Definitely a win in my book. This is how I’m going to make my PB from here on.


Interesting observation… the aftertaste of Soylentbutter is REALLY yummy. Kindof like what I noticed the first week or so of Soylent, how I had this constant pleasant aftertaste. This is different of course, but it’s quite yummy… and different from how it tasted while eating. Fascinating…


Vanclute, I’ve never made PB2 before, can you give me an estimation of how much Soylent went into the PB2?
What I’m picturing is you make up the spread, put it on bread or toast for a meal, but only got maybe 1/10 or 1/20 of your daily Soylent consumed. Am I way off here? Obviously with the bread and PB2 added you wouldn’t get all the Soylent eaten in a day, but would you get a significant amount like 1/3, or is it just a trace amount good for flavoring the PB2 only?



Ah well I didn’t measure anything at all actually. I just dumped a bit of PB2 into a jar, then poured in a bit of Soylent, and mixed it with a knife. I almost always overestimate the liquid when I do this, so then I just keep adding PB2 until I get a consistency that I like… thick enough not to drip but soft enough to spread.

So yeah I dunno about measuring it so that it would be an exact specific number of calories or whatever. I just put some on a couple rice cakes and slapped 'em together into a sandwich. :smile:

I suppose if you were to start from powdered Soylent, then you could pretty easily measure that and combine it with a measured amount of PB2 and add however much water. I just found it a lot easier & more convenient to start from liquid Soylent.


OK, I have now officially tried “straight Soylentbutter”, meaning just a very very very thick Soylent, no additives at all. I spread it on two plain rice cakes and put them together into a sandwich.

Frankly, it’s pretty good. It’s definitely NOT PB, so I don’t know that it would really be a substitute for PB, but could certainly be an alternative to it. It’s mildly sweet, which kicks in more at the aftertaste than while consuming (typical of Soylent, strangely enough).

The one downside to it is that it is CRAZY sticky. This stuff could be an adhesive product, I swear. This was the same problem with baking cookies… the dough is so incredibly sticky that if you get it on your hands… well it’s just a mess. It doesn’t clean up like PB does.

I’m thinking maybe of adding just a little PB2 in order to level out the stickyness… maybe just a couple tablespoons per 1 “scoop” (official scoop) of Soylent. Haven’t tried that yet but probably will.

So yeah, there ya go. Pretty good stuff really, definitely can see it being someone’s “morning spread”.


I’m going to add PB and Hershey’s to my weekend batch :smiley:
How much PB should I add to a full pitcher?


it’s always tough to gauge how much of an additive you’ll need with Soylent. With most things, it’s a lot more than you think… but as always start small.

I’ve only ever added powdered PB, and in fact these days I just mix the powder with liquid Soylent and it comes out perfect every time. But to add actual peanut butter will probably take a bunch of trial & error. Though maybe someone else can share the guidelines they’ve found to work for them.


Plan is to Mix up the pitcher as normal tonight and then add oil and hershey in the morn (as i normally do :smiley:) , then PB via blender.


So , did not do it for last weekends batch
Just added 2 heaping spoonfuls of to a batch I just mixed up for to soak for tomorrow :smile:
My blender only holds 1 liter and after pulsing it for 1 sec at a time over 15 secs, its smell was rather awesome.
Poured it back in the takeya pitcher and shook back in with the unaltered base.
Cant wait for morning!

Thinking I will blend some more in, in the morning before putting in the oil.


Thinking I should have put Hersheys in as well. , Tomorrow!


So I kinda overfilled my pitcher, with the PB i put in its 99% filled up.
Think it would be ok to go without putting in the oil tomorrow? Seeing the PB has fat content


A little over or under on any given day won’t kill you. You could always drink a couple ounces and then add the oil, as well.