Anyone tried Nutrilent yet?


Looks like another soylent alternative in europe. Their packaging looks great to be honest.


Looks interesting and in the FAQ it says they ship everywhere, but when trying to checkout it says they do not ship to the US. :confused:


Strange the checkout went perfectly for me? And I just ordered moments ago.


Maybe because I tried using the guest checkout instead of registering?


Does anyone know what happens if something is listed in one currency but you buy it in another? Does the credit card (bank) just convert it for you based on the going trade value?

It appears that the current trade rate of a euro vs. a dollar is pretty similar right now, but I was just wondering. I am sure others here have had this experience.


hmm I did the same thats strange


yeah the cc company just converts it using the latest trade rate


I like their design :smiley: Might have to give them a try one day


As kerem said, credit card companies convert it at a relatively current rate; some may apply small conversion surcharge as well.


On their “About Us” page, they state in big letters “IT ALL BEGAN WITH NUTRILENT”

Huh? Shouldn’t that be Soylent???

Ha, I just read some more. They say they came up with the idea 8 months ago, and came up with the name over a cup of coffee! Oh man, if you’re going to blatantly copy someone, at least admit it. (EDIT: Woops, as pointed out in posts below, they admit to imitating the Soylent name…)


Bah, they lost my respect and any chance of me giving their product a chance then. A shame considering their sleek website.


Doesnt it also say that the idea originated from the states in the form of soylent?


welp, it does… wish I had read that myself first before getting angry with them :smiley: (Sorry guys at Nutrilent if you read this)


Ok, I must have skimmed over that part, but still, this is ridiculous:

Nothing can stop a good idea.


Credit card just converts at the spot rate at the time. I use a sterling card and see the conversion on my bank statement.


Someone did a review on Reddit. I liked the sound of it and placed an order. Will post my review after I’ve tried it


Looking forward to hearing what you think about it. Did you order the mixed pack?


Dang, I didn’t scroll down far enough to see the variety pack. I went for the five strawberry flavour pack. 15 euros for shipping but I see they offer free shipping with orders over 100 euros. If I like it I might go for a larger order next time.


I ordered yesterday after I saw this post. I wrote a small review about it