Anyone tried Custom vitamins and minerals

Have anyone tried using custom vitamins and minerals yet? On you can make your own multivitamin and mineral from scratch. You can make it however you like with many options.

The price is a bit high compared to many other “complete” multivitamin and minerals, but this does have almost all of what you need, so i figured it might be cheaper in the end, because you don’t have to buy separate supplements like all Soylent users have been forced to do, to meet the RDA requirements.

Maybe someone can compare the price with this all in one meal replacement pill, to your individual supplemented Soylent recipe.

Link to the formula

The formula is blank, looks like it reset itself when you linked to it.

No, you have to change the values of the vitamins and minerals your self. :stuck_out_tongue: Was just linking to the page because i might want to have different things in it than you do.

@inzun: Could you tell us what did you choose and how much would be month’s supply?

Well i closed the window, so i don’t have the exact values, i just chose some rough values compared to the RDA, and what I know about many of the micronutrients from research. But i believe all micronutrients was covered according to RDA, except for phosphorus which i didn’t see, and potassium where the maximum is 1000 mg.

But you are all free to try it your self. :wink: But i could fill the formula thoroughly again later or tomorrow. I think the total cost for 1 month would be around 45-50$ for. You only have to supple your self with macronutrients(Fat, fiber, carbs, protein etc), and potassium, MSM sulphur, and mayby phosphorous.

I probably wont use even if its cheaper, because i’m vegan, and they probably use gelatine for their tablets or something. But I was maybe thinking many of you guys would find this useful and especially because its convenient.

As a note of caution, I would advise against including potassium in your pill. The FDA limits potassium pills to no more than 100 mg for a reason. As I mentioned in another post: “very high concentrations of potassium ion (which might occur next to a solid tablet of potassium chloride) can kill tissue, and cause injury to the gastric or intestinal mucosa”(link).

The wikipedia entry on potassium citrate says: “Potassium citrate is usually administered by mouth in dilute aqueous solution. This is because of its somewhat caustic effect on the stomach lining, and the potential for other mild health hazards.”

In short, you’re probably better off buying potassium as a powder and diluting it in your soylent drink.

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Yea people should be careful with potassium. I already knew that potassium could be dangerous to tissue from these doses. But i figured people would crush them and mix them with the rest of their soylent, and drink throughout the day. But thx for clarifying it. You can never be too safe when it comes to the right doses of potential dangerous elements.

1 Like also does something similar, except he does EVERYTHING for you. Simple.

However, if you search some around, you quickly find that vitagenic doesnt pop up much on google, even though you insert vitagenic custom vitamins. I dunno about the validity of using google search results as a quality control, but thats the thing about obscure sites. They dont pop up much, but when they do it seems they promise everything you ever needed. If they where a serious business, youd think they market themselves more. And youd think people where talking about it more.

Maybe they are just new? Its a weird bussiness to mess around with fraud. :stuck_out_tongue: But you never know these days…

Not as such, the world of health and supplements has always been fertile ground for charlatans and mountebanks. There’s a reason certain less reputable dealers are known as snake oil salesmen. The old patent medicine game is very much alive today with an awful lot of late night infomercial “health” tonics/potions/lotions/pills

how would the potassium be less damaging as a powder? I’m assuming its a matter of the chemistry, whatever its bonded too limits the release rate / keeps it from interacting with tissue before absorption. I ended up using the chelate mix you’d suggested in another post with some gluconate to boost the numbers.

On the google note, the top sites are based on how many other sites link into it and other factors such as the age of the site, try running the search on different engines and see what comes up.

The point of the potassium powder is that it is mixed in with the rest of your shake. This dilutes it and spreads it out. If it is in a vitamin then there is the potential that the vitamin will sit in one spot while being digested and damage the tissue. It all has to do with the concentration. Dilution and consumption throughout the day is much safer.

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Reading up on time release potassium supplements really underscores the importance of ingesting potassium as a dilute solution. Taking it in pill form is risky.

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I spent a lot of time building a vitamin on their website before pulling the trigger on my current blend. I think my cost came out to $100 for 30 days supply. It’s intriguing but for that cost I’ll be less lazy and multisource :wink:

Revisiting this today. Just played around with some custom capsule site and it was closing in on 40 bucks a month just for the vitamins.

The weil site was easy to navigate and apparently they’re using the higher grade stuff but you can’t get picky and go for 100% rda across the board.

Gonna play around with some other sites a bit later and i’ll post what I find, my spirutein is becoming a headache as I have to supplement some minerals and things (also I can’t find out what exact chemicals are being used to represent the specific vitamins)

Update : sorry for bumping this dead thread as nobody else seems to care but i said i’d look inyo it and i did.

Totally 100% not cost effective, at all.

I tried different varianta of query terms in different search engines to no avail. Granted no site has “give me exactly 100% us fda DRI amounts” as a box to check but i feel pretty safe to say this route isn’t cost effective as its eating up 30 to 60 bucks easy in almist all cases and thats not even covering vitamins.

1 Like also offers custom vitamins. With Vitaganic you build your own vitamin which is a great tool. VitaMe provide a free health quiz, which asks about diet, exercise and other lifestyle factors, and then they recommend a vitamin pack for you.

I have been using VitaMe for about three months now. So far I am very happy. My energy is up and I have found it much easier to fall asleep. So I can recommend them based on my experience.

That’s a good idea to have a custom vitamin blend, but how to balance macros?

I have been using VitaminLab for the past several months now.

They make your own custom formula based on a free health quiz, which analyzes your diet, lifestyle, current health conditions and medications. You can also talk to their in-house doctors or take a micronutrient test to make your results (and formula) even more accurate.

I tried VitaMe’s vitamin packs, but prefer this as it is a once a day flavoured powder, so I don’t have to swallow 4-5 pills per day. So far I have been very happy with the service and recommend it to anyone.

So are people taking multivitamins along with Soylent or relying solely on food/snacks/Soylent for nutrients?