Anyone Try Adding (food-grade) Diatomaceous Earth to Soylent?


Just curious. Some people report some decent benefits to ingesting it, and it’s relatively cheap to get.

I believe a recommended amount was 1Tbps daily.


What exactly is Diatomaceous earth? But it sounds interesting.


They are diatoms. They will kill pinworms and the like in your gut. Its used to cure it in pets and it works for humans too. It also seems to help other things as well, but there aren’t many studies, just people who take it, feel better, things like their hair and nails get healthier, etc. I have a bunch…

Its pretty safe to injest, however it will dry out your skin if touched and do NOT inhale it!


Sounds intriguing…


If my understanding is correct on them, it’s just silica…or fine sand made from skeletons from fossils or something. Ingesting silica is harmless and also pointless unless you have worms. Pretty sure the vet gave my dog growing up some of this to kill some worms he had. It has no nutrient value and 0 is absorbed by your body. I’m not sure how fine that is, I’m assuming it is ground pretty fine?? If so, then you have a potential hazard with breathing the dust inside your lungs.

Only thing I’ve used it for is killing bugs around certain equipment I work on. We spray it in and around equipment and it kills all bugs very fast! Very dangerous and have to wear breathing masks, etc.


This is what folks think its good for, take it with a grain of salt, though all the things relating to killing pests is definitely true:

I wonder if its something to do with the silica. I have no idea and don’t have time to really research why people get these kinds of benefits. Maybe its killing off bad things that are eating nutrients that your body can now use.


silica is a natural filter and it does attach itself and dry out anything like slugs/snails/worms. I can’t see it being useful ingested dry though, it’d have to be pill form surely ?? I’d think if you put it into something wet it would ruin the silica’s drying ability instantly ?

Ya we have big circuit stuff and we spray it into big areas like a bug bomb and come back a day later and millions of bugs are dead…and everything else in there as well.


Nope, you buy it as powder and mix it into a shake or something. And it doesn’t dry out worms in your body, it literally cuts them to pieces, like powdered glass.


Even if it is food grade I’m not sure it would be safe over an extended time. It sucks up moisture and is why spraying on bugs works so well. Inhaling would cause the moisture in your lungs to dry up and your lungs would shrink and you will die. This basically the stuff in the little pack in many products to keep moisture out. DON’T DO IT!


Yeah I am very careful to not inhale it. I used to take it every day. I put a dust mask on and put it in a smaller container from the big bag, that way it wouldn’t unsettle as easily and then would carefully use a table spoon from there.


If it is in powder form even with a mask you could accidentally inhale it once it is in your mouth. A little cough and poof.


I’m going to guess the stuff you use to eat isn’t the same type as what you use to kill insects and surely it’s safer to breathe ?


No, its the same. Food Grade just means its been tested for other contaminates and is safe to ingest. You definitely don’t want to breathe it or touch it too much though, regardless of the type.


I retract my interest in putting this into my body. O_O I thought it was going to be something to do with adding good bacteria to you system. I have enough problems with thirst as it is, without adding to the problem.


Have you tried a tapeworm or two ? I hear they do wonders for your digestion. :wink:


Uh, how about “no”? :stuck_out_tongue:


From my understanding, there’s food-grade, and there’s pool-grade. You definitely don’t want to ingest the pool-grade stuff under any circumstances.


Handwaving abounds… this stuff is useless outside of very specific medical situations (worms.) It’s good for filtering water, killing bugs, chemical processing, but pointless from a dietary standpoint. You can eat the food grade stuff, but it’s not going to do you any good (aside from placebo.)

People on the interwebs misinterpreted the chemical filter part of it to mean that it filters toxins out and other such random correlations. It sparked enough interest to result in several university studies,

Here’s a good read with some entertaining back and forth and links to studies, papers, and so on:


If we are talking about silica, I seen it plenty of times as a supplement that is suppose to be good for the hair and nails.


I use a diatom filter to clean my aquariums. Don’t know much about it as far as other applications go…