Anyone try this bulk maltodextrin?



Yep. That’s what I got. No complaints specific to this manufacturer…

Be careful with maltodextrin, it’s easy to get airborne and clings and gets sticky when damp.


It’s good. I bought it and an air-tight container:

I’d be interested to hear if it all fits in the 60lb version:

Maltodextrin is super messy if you’re not careful. When I was moving it into the container, I did it outside just because of the sheer mess it was creating.


I use the same 50lb bag of maltodextrin and the same dog food containers. The “40lb” version is not large enough for all of the maltodextrin, but I was able to fit 50lbs of polydextrose (shipped to me by accident when I ordered the maltodextrin) comfortably in the “60lb” container, so I imagine the maltodextrin would fit as well.


Agree - if transferring containers, it’s best to do it outdoors, or if not possible, in a confined space that’s dry. Makes for easier cleanup afterwards. It vacuums or wipes up easily if surfaces are dry - i.e., don’t do it in a damp bathroom after a shower.

The same is all true if you buy a huge bag of fine starch, or fine pastry flour.