Anyone tube feeding with Soylent?

After posting here for the first time, I noticed some people are really into Soylent. I’m wondering has anyone here tried non traditional ways to consuming liquid meals? For example, tube feeding.

The idea has been brought up in the past - WTB “Food Tube w/ Pump” to completely bypass taste - but as you can tell by the responses there the idea didn’t come off as all that amazing.

Personally I’ve got no problem with the taste and drinking it normal is simpler with less to clean. I like simple.

I think the responses in that thread were more about the pump portion, not the concept of tube feeding, especially for medical purposes.

It should be a simple matter for Rosa Labs to liposomally encapsulate any ingredients with bitter or off-notes. That would obviate the need/desire for enteral feeding. However, it’s unlikely that there would be sufficient demand for such a product to justify the additional production cost.

We need sharp people like you around here.