Anyone use health bands, apps or tech?

Just curious if anyone here uses fitness or health bands, apps or related technology and if you’ve seen improvements from these devices since starting Soylent?

My fitbits etc aren’t improved with Soylent. Food trackers are kind of boring if you only have Soylent daily. It would be kind of neat if a Soylent-specific app was created. Rob, how about it?

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I’ve owned a few different fitness bands, but I bought them all after I started using DIY soylent. Soylent has no affect on the bands or the exercise tracking, but it’s probably made me more conscious of how difficult it is to enter custom food into the calorie tracking feature, than the average user. But once that’s done, I’d guess that it’s easier for a 60-100% soylent user to enter their calorie data than it is for the average user.

Jawbone’s app (as of April) is buggy as hell for entering custom food. It seems to require no decimals for some fields and decimals for others, and leaves it up to the user to guess what’s required for each field. It’ll either forget the item entirely or fubar the math when it multiplies for portions, if things weren’t entered the way it wants.

The FitBit app and the MyFitnessPal app were both bug-free for the data entry. Iirc, neither allows you to enter as much detail as Jawbone’s app.

It’s possible that all three apps have a stock entry for official Soylent, I didn’t look.

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The Jawbone app (Move) had several entries for Soylent, I discovered before losing mine.

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I used to use a FitBit One and the associated app on my phone. I would obsessively track my food intake, exercise, sleep pattern, and weight. As time went on I noticed more and more that it really wasn’t that useful to me. I ate the same food everyday so calorie tracking was irrelevant. I would walk and exercise the same ever day/week so that became useless to track. My sleep pattern while interesting wasn’t that useful to me. So in the end all I was really tracking was my weight so the FitBit became useless to me.


What would this app do?

Also, I realized that I always jog along predetermined routes that I have already measured by car. Now I am doing my jogging on a gym treadmill. So fitbits were fun but actually superfluous.

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I don’t know, but it could track of how long you have been consuming soylent and in what quantities, and what other foods you have had. It could track other things Soylent users are concerned with, such as weight, odd health symptoms. It could keep track of when your next payment is due, if you subscribe.

It could even give you a better interface to this forum, I imagine.

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It seems the health “wearables” aren’t yet so advanced that they can do things the average consumer can’t do themselves. I think if there were more robust sensors and actuators, they might find themselves graduate to “toy” for sports enthusiasts or field scientists.

My tracker and calorie-counting app are still very useful for me, after 4 months. I’m quite lazy, but between the tracker “game-ifying” my exercise and transferring my earned calories to the calorie app, it keeps me going.

In the olden days I tracked both in a notebook, but letting my phone handle it all is so much easier. I think it’s more likely I’ll stay motivated.

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I track my food with the MyFitnessPal app, which does include different versions of Soylent. That’s pretty nice!

For workouts, I wear a Scosche Rhythm+ to track my heartrate. MapMyFitness tracks my runs, and UnderArmour’s Record app tracks everything else.

Haven’t yet found a wearable (other than the heart rate monitor) that does everything I want it to do.

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I wear a Fitbit Charge HR – it’s okay for what it is, I use it mostly as a pedometer + heart rate monitor (and also as a watch). The app is pretty good and easy to use – I entered all the nutritional details from the Soylent label, so now I can log Soylent meals with a single click.

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Moto360 tracks my movement and HR.

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