Anyone using Hemp protein powder?


How does it taste? It seems a no-brainer to use this for scalability as it would be easier to produce they whey protein.

My concerns are how does it actually taste?

If no-one has tried it let me be the first to jump and report back.


It probably does not have an ideal protein profile like Whey or Casein do. Also, not that cheap!


just ordered a kilo of the stuff. should be here in this week.
Will work out the comparison as far as costs go and update on the taste.


I did! You need a mixture of 60% Hemp protein, 40% Pea protein to get a complete protein profile.

However, it was absolutely revolting(And turned the drink green! xD), and I doubt I could have downed it without throwing up. Haha! And I don’t know how one could make it consumable(Aside from burning off your tastebuds).

If we could get flavored hemp protein, maybe.


hah. just after I order you tell me this :slight_smile: Now I have to guzzle a kilo of the stuff down. I think If it is mixed with enough oil the taste might pass ( hopefully ).


And hold your nose! Lol. Maybe add some heavy artificial vanilla… And extra water.


Soylent…green? Incredible! :smiley:


I take hemp protein after my workouts because I needed something that wasn’t based on milk.

The taste is revolting and I’ve read the pea/hemp mix in more than one bodybuilding/crossfit forum.

I’m waiting for my current batch to end so I can try whey protein isolate and if that doesn’t trigger my lactose intolerance, I’m sticking with it.