Anyone using Soylent in Australia?


Hey there Soylent community, I’m a producer with the Australian television station SBS and we’re putting together a short story on Soylent and its Australian user base. Right now we are just looking to talk with people locally that have put their own recipe together, Aussies who are regularly using the alternative food source, and others with an interest or experience related to Soylent.

If anoyone out there has the time or interest to just talk, please give me a shout at, and I’ll get back to you. Thanks so much


Tagging @unsynchronized and @puddin, I believe they are both there.


Thanks so much Kennufs!


Hi there Nick, I was the very lucky recipient of a bag of official Soylent (one day’s worth) from @kennufs. I have yet to try it as I’m waiting to get some test results back from my gastroenterologist and at the same time I’ll be taking the Soylent in to show him to see whether he thinks it would be a good option for me considering I have some (as yet unconfirmed) food allergies (relating to IBS-like symptoms)…

Basically for me Soylent is a way that I will hopefully be able to get most of the nutrition I need to function well without affecting my digestive system the way certain “muggle food” does…

Not sure if there’s any Aussie DIYers active on here…?

Cheers, George (I can email you if you like, but not sure I’ll have that much to offer!)