Anyone want some of my fish oil for free?


My reorder just arrived, and though my initial order was vegan I was not given any option of choice on the reorder. I assumed it would default to the same as whatever the original order was, but it did not. So I have 28 bottles of fish oil I won’t be using. Who wants some?


Yeah, your order was marked vegan. We’re still getting the re-order fulfillment process established, it looks like there was a hiccup somewhere. Thanks for the heads-up.


I kinda want some, but not sure it would make much difference over what I already use… might be fun to build a DIY with it while waiting.

Any idea what the shipping would run to Bosque Farms, NM?


Ah ok, appreciate the clarification. No biggie to me, just means you guys paid to ship something you didn’t have to, and someone’s gonna enjoy some fish oil blend. =)

No clue, but I’m sure the website would know the answer to that if we know the weight. The bottles say 2oz on them but I don’t know how that translates to weight. If anyone can weigh a fresh bottle of the official oil blend and report what it comes to, then we can probably figure something out.


I guess it’s good to see they can at least get their reorders out on time. At least they seem to be telling the truth about not wanting people with soylent to have to go with out.

That being said, @vanclute please order 5 more “reorders” and send them to me since it looks like I’ll be waiting a while before getting my original order.


LOL I’ll get right on that… :wink:


If @kennufs doesn’t take it, I’ll happily step in. I started with the vegan blend (way back when I ordered, I was trying a vegan lifestyle), but have decided to move to non-vegan for my reorder and have two weeks of vegan sitting here that could use some oil.


I thought that when Soylent went 100% vegan, I could do that. Then I remembered that leather shoes and jackets are really convenient, and I’d not be able to eat cake if it was made with eggs, etc.

I’m way too lazy to be a vegan.


Sure thing, nobody has taken me up on any of it yet so, it’s all up for grabs. I’m fine with shipping it wherever, just need to figure out what it will cost to ship these things and I don’t know how much a bottle weighs.


@vanclute, the USPS offers pretty cheap flat rate boxes in various sizes. Whatever you can fit in it ships for a set price, may be appropriate since they are fairly compact, you would just need to see what size box is needed.

If @soylentnoise wants two weeks worth, I’ll take the rest.


Oh yeah good point about the flat rate boxes, I forgot about those. The bottles aren’t real big, so yeah… you guys tell me how much you want and I can figure out what it’ll cost to ship em (which size box is needed) and let you know the cost. Paypal works for me if it works for you. :slight_smile:


Fantastic! (thanks for splitting it with me @kennufs) I’ll gladly take 14 of them. PayPal is cool by me.


OK then, we have two winners! =)

According to the USPS website, the small flat-rate box (which I suspect may fit 14 bottles) would be $5.80 inside the US. If they won’t fit, the next size up is a big jump to $12.35. As long as that’s OK with you, I will shoot for the smaller and fall back on the larger if required. Cool?

If you can both send me a PM with your addresses I’ll see about getting them out today. Will reply with Paypal address and amount as soon as I know for sure which box they fit into.


Sounds like a plan, if @soylentnoise needs a little more that’s fine too, so see how many pouches he has left and I’ll take what’s left over.

I kinda expected some of the folks that made the switch to vegan to get an earlier shipment would have come in to ask for some oil, but in their absence I’ll be glad to take some. Thanks sir.


OK, @soylentnoise has asked for 14 bottles which is exactly half, so looks like you can have the other half. PM me an address and I’ll put it together for ya both.


@vanclute - I have several people to ship Soylent “samples” out to once my order arrives. Any idea if the $5.80 box would fit one day’s worth (1 bag + 1 bottle) okay?


Yeah I’m pretty sure it would. A single bag of Soylent fits perfectly and with even a touch of room to spare - probably just enough for a bottle of oil. I think you’re probably home free on that one.


Hey guess what gang? I just today figured out that my second reorder of Soylent, has once again come with the fish oil blend even though it was a vegan re-order. Go figure! @JulioMiles has already been notified, but now I have 56 bottles of fish oil blend. Who wants some?

Last time I found that I could ship 7 bottles per ~$6 priority mail box anywhere in the lower 48 states. So if you’d like some… PM me and we can work out the details!


@vanclute, I’m new to the discussion page so I’m not sure how to send a PM on the site.
That said, I’d appreciate some bottles of oil blend if you have any left.


Ah sorry, I just shipped it all out today! But if our next reorder includes it again, you can bet I’ll be posting here to give it away. =)