Anyone want to part with a couple of bottles of strawberry?


My other half and I are very curious to try strawberry but would rather not order an entire box just in case we hate it. Does anyone who didn’t like it have a couple bottles they would let us buy? We’re in the SF south Bay Area. Thanks!


I’ll sell you a box with 9 in it, and some other flavors too. Since I finished my video review, I don’t need them. Email me at


I am in Iowa… >,< heh


Do you also have Strawberry Soylent you want to part with?


I’m interested too. I live in San Francisco. Just one bottle of Strawberry would be great.


Hey maybe we can jointly pick up someone’s undesirables. I’ll let you know if I wind up with more than 2.


I had to sell my house in SF to be able to afford a box of Strawberry, and I even had a 50% off coupon code. And I finished said box 2 days ago so haha suckerz!!!1 NO STRAWBERRY 4 U :smiley: :frowning:


Wow I had no idea Strawberry ran around a quarter million per bottle… hope it was really good!


^^ Link to a $10 Strawberry 4-pack ^^


tysm @brm415 I really wanted to try it but not a whole case, there is a few of us in the office that drink powder but wanted to try a bottle and the 4 pack works nicely for us


No problem, @amfeather is the real hero though :slight_smile: