Anyone who got gas from 2.0 doing fine on flavored versions or cafe versions?

2.0 is the only bottled Soylent I’ve tried. I LOVED it…BUT it gave me gas. I vaguely recall a forum member who said 2.0 gave them gas (or their significant other) but that the flavored Soylents were fine. The ingredients of 2.0 are definitely different than all the other bottled versions, and not just the flavoring - the oil and fiber are both different etc. Thoughts? And does anyone in San Francisco have a Cafe and Nectar I can try/buy? I’ve bought so much Soylent over the years and it always gives me smelly gas. I don’t want to buy another big batch only to try a few bottles and give the rest away.


@vanclute had mentioned something like that.

As for trying flavors, do any of the 7-11s in your area carry it?

Ahh right, I noticed that on the other thread yesterday, thanks.

And I’m in SF. I read they’re only selling them in L.A. right now…

Yeah 2.0 (original flavor) gives my other half horrible painful bloating within minutes. I have no trouble with it at all though and have switched over to it from 1.3 entirely. She is gradually finishing off our 1.3 herself.

Interestingly though, Cacao, Coffiest, and vanilla (which neither of us cares for but she can tolerate enough to finish our 1 box) cause her no grief at all. I have no trouble with them either I just don’t care for the flavors. But for whatever reason, original flavor while tasty, she just can’t digest well. Go figure.


I’m so upset now because I drank 5 bottles of Soylent per day for nearly 3 months and now I suddenly am having horrible bloating to the point of tightness in my chest. Doctors say I could have developed an allergy to Soy, but it could also be one of the other ingredients that you guys mentioned? I may try the Cacao and Coffeist to see if I have the same reaction. It has gotten to the point where even just one bottle of original will get me painfully bloated ALL DAY. Soylent staff please please please fix this issue! I love the idea of Soylent and am 100% behind you but you need to fix whatever is causing people so much painful bloating in original flavor, or you will lose a lot of customers! We don’t want to quit but we can’t live like this. I have some Coffeist in the fridge that I never tried, so I may try it tomorrow. Today I’m going with no Soylent for the first time in months, just to see if my stomach is okay with regular food. If it’s okay I will try Coffeist tomorrow, and then if that causes no bloating I’ll consider trying Cacao. It’s just that the non-Original flavors are way too expensive so even if they do work I don’t know if I will fully commit to them. Please please please fix Original!

Edit: I compared the labels between Original and Cacao, there are three ingredients in Original that aren’t in Cacao: Rice starch, oat fiber, and isomaltooligosaccharide. I haven’t tried Cacao or Coffeist yet, but when I do I will update with my results. For now this is such a horrible situation and I hope Soylent will fix Original.

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