Anyone willing to part with a few Squareds? Squares? Squared bars?

So I am super keen to try these as all 3 flavors sound very much up my/our alley. But I can’t bring myself to throw $90 at 3 boxes in order to try all 3 flavors.

Is there anyone in the forums who has bought all 3 that would be willing to part with say 2 squareds (what DO you call the plural of “Squared” anyway!? LOL) of each flavor? Of course I’ll gladly pay plus shipping, even a slight premium would be OK with me just to be able to try them out.

Anyone interested, PM me and we can sort out the details. Thanks!

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I want to try them too. Soylent should sell a sample pack of 30, with 10 each of all 3 varieties.

Couldn’t agree more! That was my first feedback to them regarding the product. A sampler of all 3 flavors for $30, I’d have bought in a heartbeat. And heck would probably have continued to buy since I anticipate that we’ll like all 3 flavors. I really wished I’d had some this weekend. I just didn’t feel like dealing with food but wanted something I could chew on. Soylent bars would’ve been the perfect solution.

@JulioMiles can you hook us up? It’s VanClute for goodness sake! Keep the man happy. :wink:

The people should be able to buy a sampler pack.

LOL Somehow I doubt I have that much pull. Although a long time ago Rob personally sent me the very last of his personal 1.3 supply when we ran out. That was supremely generous for sure.


Is this still a thing? I’m wanting to jump on the train of trying a few of them, too, if anyone is still interested in getting rid of some!

I haven’t gotten any takers so I think it’s doubtful. Seems that everyone likes them too much… which I suppose is a good problem! I’m just waiting for them to hit Subscribe & Save on Amazon, then I’ll be all over them.

As an aside, Squared currently has a mediocre rating on Amazon. Anyone who likes them should maybe go post a review.

Well if @ajlipp and @vanclute and myself each buy a different flavor, the three of us can split them. I know it might be a little more than you were wanting to get, but thoughts?

LOL honestly that sounds like a bunch of headache & work, each of us having to ship 2/3 of our boxes to two destinations. I think at this point I’m just gonna wait (somewhat) patiently for them to hit subscribe & save. :slight_smile:

Yes, thumbs up for that sampler pack idea! I wanted to try them all too. But you can’t go wrong with the chocolate - a really good brownie flavor. So I will probably just keep ordering those and never even try the others.