Anything missing? (Schmoylent, Schmilk, Athlete/Keto/Light Fuel)

Hey, I’m axcho. I used to post here on the DIY boards a lot.

Now that I’ve got my own company making a range of hypoallergenic soylent alternatives and Rosa Labs has caught up with their backlog, the forum has shifted from DIYers to Soylent customers and I’ve migrated to /r/soylent instead.

Anyway, in case anyone is looking for soylent alternatives here, I wanted to ask, What are you looking for that Soylent isn’t able to offer?

Based on the year I spent taking custom DIY requests and designing many dozens of recipes for people, I think I have a sense of what people are looking for. And I’ve designed a standard set of five recipes (each with customizable calories and multiple flavors) that is meant to encompass the range of what people might want. But I wonder if there’s anything else.

Specifically, there’s…

  • Schmilk (cheap and actually tastes good to normal people)
  • Light Fuel (low-carb)
  • Keto Fuel (no-carb for ketogenic weight-loss)
  • Athlete Fuel (high-protein for muscle-gain)
  • Schmoylent (the original Soylent imitation when there was a backlog)

That basically covers everything that people have asked me for, aside from those with certain medical conditions (gastroparesis, hemachromatosis, etc). Weight-loss is big (Keto Fuel), as is the cheap and tasty option (Schmilk). Schmoylent still has its devoted fans. And high-protein (Athlete Fuel) and low-carb (Light Fuel) are a bit more niche.

I’ve done my best to keep them accessible to as many people as possible regardless of dietary restrictions, so they’re all hypoallergenic (gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, nut-free, etc) and almost completely vegan (working on that) as well. For people who want animal protein instead of just rice protein, the just-add-milk recipes (Schmilk, Athlete Fuel) make that possible without jeopardizing the dairy-free status of everyone else. And all of the recipes have been optimized for taste and texture, at least to the extent possible!

Right now my company is not able to compete on price (except Schmilk) and convenience (it’s hard to beat Soylent 2.0) because of the small scale of our operation and limited equipment. But at least for now, I think we’ve got something for just about everyone, regardless of goals or diet or caloric needs or food sensitivities. I wanted to be able to provide a commercial-quality product without leaving any of my old custom customers out in the cold. And I’m wondering if I’ve accomplished that.

What do you think? Do you see anything that I’m missing? What are you looking for?

Thanks for the help.


Oh, and not sure if I should post this here, but…

There’s a 10% off coupon code for all my recipes for the next week: RESOLVETHIS

Happy New Year! :stuck_out_tongue:

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I don’t see anything comparable to Soylent 1.5 - a powder that only needs water. No mess, no fuss, no refrigeration.

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My experience is that adding milk to powder is surprisingly similar to adding water to powder, and I see that most Soylent consumers haven’t gotten rid of their refrigerators yet, so storage isn’t that difficult.

Most of the alternatives to Soylent listed only need water. I bought Schmilk recently and didn’t see more mess or fuss than Soylent.


I am a powerlifter/bodybuilder and have taken a very specific approach to DIY Soylent. I find that high carb/protein and low fat works well for bodybuilding and this is generally shown to be the case with the exception of keto for cutting weight. To this end I mix, in equal parts, masa harina and whey protein. See my newest recipe here. This mix makes up the bulk of the recipe by weight and calories. There is another, separate mix, where i mix the fats and micronutrients. Having a simple, two powder solution would allow those of us which want a bit more control over our caloric makeup to take better control over calorie intake. I would love to see a product that mixes masa and whey and resells that, with an accompanying fat and micronutrient mix (sold separately). These could be mixed in specific proportions to get the total number of calories to be what you want it to be.

For example, you may mix 100 g of the micro/fat mix with 900 g of the carb/protein mix (per day) while bulking which may be about 4000kcal per day. When you decide to cut you should still be using the 100g of micronutrients/fats but lets say just 450 g of the carb/protein mix which would be only 2500 kcal per day.

Hopefully this makes sense. In general, I feel that (the serious) bodybuilder community is one that is severely underserved by the current liquid diet commercial products. These are people that are already used to eating the same exact thing every day and having extreme control over their diets. A liquid diet solution for them would make their life much easier as they generally prep every meal at home in batches and they are actually cooking food and packing tupperware. This would solve many spoilage issues as well as making it easier to be spontaneous. I honestly believe that if someone were to make the right product and market it to this demographic they could capture quite a bit of market share. The Arnold Classic trade show would be a great place to show off and/or test the waters for example.


Does Schmoylent come with the oil or do you buy that separately to mix in?

No, all the alternatives need water and oil.

Water is more convenient than milk. Water in addition to not needing to be refrigerated tends to come out of a tap. I end up at the grocery store these days once every 1-2 months. If I purchased enough milk on a monthly shopping trip I’d be purchasing and storing 15 gallons of milk each trip. Which wouldn’t be too practical, probably going weekly and buying 3-4 gallons would be, though with a shared refrigerator I can really only store 1 maybe 2 gallons. As a result if I transition to Schmilk I’ll need to make frequent trips to the grocery store.

Schmoylent is more realistic for my needs as I can purchase a bottle of oil that will last a long time. However, that of course isn’t as convenient as just powder and water.

As far as convenience and price I think Soylent wins. Where I think the alternatives can win is with different nutrition requirements and with flavors. Keto, soy-free, organic, high-protein, etc…

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“Introducing Schmilk, the new cheapest 2000-calorie blend here on Custom Body Fuel. No water or oil.”

Hey Axcho!

I just cashed in on that coupon, thanks for that!!

To answer your question, I don’t think you guys are missing anything at all. You have a very healthy online presence with plenty of openness and accessibility, which makes for a lot of trustworthiness (very important in this business). I’m a huge fan of Schmilk, the taste is actually an improvement on the milk itself (which I never thought possible) and the little baggies are perfect for pouring the powder into a half-empty (half-full?) gallon-jug of milk, minimal effort required. Easy as pie. I just ordered some Athlete Fuel (it’s bulking season) and it seems very similar to Schmilk so I’m looking forward to it.

So I’m a very happy customer and I think you’re doing things right. I’m easy to please, though; the plain oatiness of the “original” and “unsweetened” varieties really do it for me.

By the way, a quick reminder that the site’s About and FAQ pages still need to be done.

Thanks for running such an upstanding outfit.

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Yeah, and like I said, milk isn’t convenient. It requires constant refrigeration and isn’t instantly available for free wherever I go. Soylent 1.5 requires water only. There are no water-only offerings here.

You said all the alternatives to Soylent require oil. That was wrong.

I was correcting you when you said they only need water. There are no only-water options here. None.

Yes,you already mentioned that. You are right. You said all the alternatives required oil. That was wrong.


It would be great to offer something as convenient as Soylent 1.5 (or even Soylent 2.0), but I’m glad to hear that you find Schmilk to be a comparable alternative. :slight_smile: Schmilk is actually extremely similar to Soylent 1.5 in terms of macro ratios and price as well, when you take into account the cost of milk. Except it tastes better. I think it’s pretty interesting that they are so comparable.

I think that makes a lot of sense! And I think you have even suggested this idea to me in the past, if I’m not mistaken.

Looks like your recipe is a 45/40/15 (carb/protein/fat) macro ratio at 4000 calories - would you keep that ratio constant even for, say, 2000 calories, or is the total grams of fat constant because it matches the nutrients, making it something like 40/30/30 at 2000 calories?

Currently Athlete Fuel mixed with 1/2 gallon of 2% milk gives you about 45/35/20 at 2400 calories. Though it’s not the same as the idea you’re suggesting, is this similar in terms of the macro ratio you shoot for?

At the moment though I think it makes sense to focus on the range of hypoallergenic products that we’ve got right now at Super Body Fuel, I could see your idea of a dual carb/protein and fat/micronutrient mix being worth pursuing in the future. I’d love to help fill another underserved niche. I’m not familiar with the bodybuilding scene, though - would you be up for helping to advise us in that endeavor? :slight_smile:

I agree, though I hope in the future we can tackle convenience and price effectively enough to compete on those factors as well. I could see Schmilk, especially, with enough volume, could be eventually be priced lower than any other product could possibly be priced, because it does not contain any special ingredients like protein powders or powdered oils.

Thanks @svensken! :smiley: There’s definitely a lot of work to be done on the website, but I’m hoping that we can make time to fill out the About and FAQ in the next week or so! :stuck_out_tongue: One of the things that’s been harder than expected is just keeping up with orders with our rather laborious (and health-department-approved) manufacturing process - and ironically that’s without even enough orders to make a profit! So there is a lot of work to do in improving operational efficiency, and that has been a priority lately.

But yeah, I also want to make a customizer thing on the website where you put in your stats and what you’re looking for, and it tells you what product line would be most appropriate, how many calories, and how much to order per month depending on how many meals a day you’d like to use it for. I think that would be cool, and really demonstrate the inclusiveness and flexibility of our offering.


I am impressed with the ingenuity of your recipes, especially giving directions on using different amounts of oil to get different amounts of calories, or with the Keto Fuel, using heavy cream both for texture and calorie load, or using different kinds of non-dairy milk.

I think to inspire trust you need to fill out the “about” section of the site pronto, with pictures of the Proprietors and of the facility. I mean, all we know is a couple of bozos in a garage somewhere. You need to demonstrate some level of professionalism, when you expect people to put their lives, literally, in your hands. At the very least, is your processing facility licensed by your state for commercial food prep?


Thanks Dave! :slight_smile: It’s the culmination of a year of doing custom recipe design for lots of people. I learned a few tricks along the way. :wink:

You’re totally right, thanks for emphasizing that. We’re in the process of fleshing that out, but it hasn’t felt as urgent as cranking out the batches for new orders (which takes a lot of time, given our small scale). We are health-department approved and everything, you can read about the journey (and see pictures) on the blog:

I can see that it would probably help to put some of that story and those pictures on the About page as well. :wink:

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Do you have plan to sell a vitamin & mineral powder only version of keto fuel? So I can use my own protein and fibre (brown rice protein is too gritty).

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@lukedriftwood We were thinking of possibly doing that once we get our own custom vitamin blend from a manufacturer. At that point we’ll have so much we’ll want to sell it however we can!

Have you tried our latest Keto Fuel though? The inulin/psyllium mix makes it very smooth, despite the rice protein. What kind of protein and fiber do you use in your DIY?