Anything weird with recent Soylent batches?


I’m hoping this was a one time fluke with some other explanation but figured I should share it here, just in case.

Early this morning while having her usual Soylent, my gal commented that it tasted “like cardboard”. Not knowing what cardboard tastes like, I tried a sip from her glass. Seemed fine to me, I thought nothing of it.

Then later on I had my own usual breakfast Soylent. Something was immediately Very Not Right. Almost, but not quite, unable to drink it. I wouldn’t have called it “cardboard”… it seems very faintly familiar but I can’t place it, and it’s decidedly not very pleasant. I still drank some anyway but found myself avoiding Soylent all day.

So just now after 10pm I realized I’m starving, so got my Soylent from the fridge - topping it up from the pitcher. Same thing… something is horribly wrong here. I made myself a smoothie instead with Soylent and some pineapple & orange sherbets, and they mask the weirdness enough to drink it.

I’m really hoping somehow maybe the pitcher wasn’t as clean as I thought… or something. Just for the sake of being thorough, the batch number of our latest bag of Soylent (from the new batch just delivered last week) is:

M14148P01 05.15

Has anyone else noticed anything very off about their Soylent recently? Going to make a new batch tomorrow, hoping it’s back to normal again. Will REALLY super clean everything just in case.


You know, I would be surprised if there weren’t some bags that taste different from other bags. I don’t see how they can evenly mix every bag perfectly every time.


It could be a case of some pouches no getting mixed correctly. I think I’ve had a pouch that didn’t taste exactly the same as usual, but not bad. I put cocoa powder in mine so that may mask the taste a little.

I think they have only made 3 batches so far and I think your batch number is the first batch.

  • We are currently finishing up our second major batch production at RFI and have the third solidly in the pipeline

Since this post I’ve gotten another batch ‘C14163P01_06.15’

I think there was a post recently saying they just ordered the third batch.


Just in case it is not the batch itself… It could be soap residue on your pitcher, it could be your water that is different.,. Or it could be you two are coming down with something.


I’ve had a few that have a slightly different smell than I initially had, but I chalked that up to mental, it was a more metallic smell, but everything tasted the same. Did you guys eat anything different the day before?


I recall an issue similar to this being brought up in another topic a while back (which I suspect you read as well, being that you included the batch no.)

@MattCauble was the one to assist on the issue back then, so I’ll tag him in here.


Thanks all. Really don’t know what that was about, but this morning I tried a new bag (prepared last night in a carefully cleaned pitcher) in a clean glass. It also tastes slightly weird… but nowhere near as “off” as the last. I did also just get down to the very last of our oil… can’t imagine why that would matter but it’s something different.

I dunno, at the moment I’m just chalking it up to a fluke. Or maybe a couple flukes. Will keep tabs on it though.


Thank you all for letting me know about this. I’m going to request a sample from RFI to run sensory on. If something seems off I’m going to send it to a lab. The last few times we have run a blind test we couldn’t find a difference. I’m not saying it’s not possible but the factors are tough to control (water, oil, storage conditions). I will let you know if anything comes of this. Let me know if you need anything else.


Re-visiting this since I’ve made several batches since originally posting.

Something does somehow seem to have changed. I wouldn’t say it’s bad, just different. Soylent has a different taste to it now than it did prior to this batch. I couldn’t even begin to reasonably suggest why, but it is different. I’ve tasted it from all my usual containers, and have a fresh new supply of canola oil that I’m adding. I dunno what could be going on… and maybe it’s just me and my perception.

I’m very curious to try the new 1.1 formulation and see how that compares. We should get a batch this month.