Anything wrong with this recipe?

#1 about to dive into the diy soylent world, wanting to make sure this persons recipe is ok before i click the buy button, thank you for your input


Yeah nothing wrong there. A couple of easy tweaks though:

  • You don’t really need the sugar or oat flour. Feel free to just omit them to simplify the recipe.
  • You can use coconut oil instead of MCT oil: depending on the price you can get it for this might save you some money.
  • The protein powders and the psyllium husk look a bit pricey to me. I would expect you could find them cheaper.

If I were you I would try to get in touch with the maker of that recipe. Ask how it tastes, how he feels using it, if it is working for him in weight loss terms, etc. If he’s actually using it daily for food he will be able to answer questions much better than the rest of us just looking at a table of data on the internet.


thx for the input, ive been reading the forums for quite some time but was expecting to just use the official soylent but seeing as how its probably gonna be almost 2014 till its shipped i decided to look into diy


@antiman77 - A warning about psyllium husks: I have the exact ones referenced in that recipe. They gel, rather quickly, giving your “drink” the consistency of slimy, watery oatmeal. Personally, I found it quite unpleasant and had to stop using them. I’m only using the clear, flavorless Equate (Walmart brand) fiber powder now, which I’m guessing isn’t as good.

I even tried putting the Psyllium in large capsules (00 size), but the stuff is so light that you’d have to take ~80 capsules worth to get 35 grams of it (I even packed them as best as I could with a capsule filler).


I think that’s why a lot of us are here, I know if I could just get Official Soylent I wouldn’t be DIY’ing my own.
I don’t know much about Keto diets so I’m not totally comfortable with only 1700 calories a day, when Rob tried his first recipes with few calories he burnt through his fat stores in a month and started losing weight and energy. He upped his calories to 2600 but he’s pretty active too.
If you’re going to eat regular foods too it’ll probably be fine but if you want to go full-Soylent I’d find more calories and carbs to include, maybe upping the oats to 100g instead of removing them.


i plan to use soylent only, i got some weight to lose thats why i picked this one at 1700 calories, if they are only in there for fiber and nothing else i could just use yes?


Depending how much weight you’re looking to lose I wouldn’t drop too many calories at once because that will only leave you starving the same as if you cut your regular diet by too much.
I’d recommend lowering the calories in stages, starting at first with how many calories you should be getting for your height/weight/age and then decreasing it by a few hundred a week until you’re happy with your intake/hunger levels. Drastic changes are harder to stick to if they’re made all at once.


how would you recommend upping the calories then while still using this recipe? im not a recipe maker so i dont know much about all that stuff?


Well first you should Google for a calorie calculator and find out how many calories you’re recommended to have.
Those oats are a good source of calories, carbs and fiber so I would increase those. I’m planning to use 200g in mine but that’s more than you’d want, especially if you’re planning to lose weight (I’m trying to gain)
I’ve been told that leaving the oats to soak overnight before drinking them makes them easier to drink but if you don’t like the idea of drinking oats you could try maltodextrin. It’s basically pure sugar so if you drink it all at once or in heavy doses you’ll be prone to sugar crashes. If you space out your Soylent through the day you shouldn’t have that problem though. I wouldn’t use it to make more than a few hundred calories though since it is a high GI sugar.

Neither way is optimal, depending on your feelings on oats, but you can still eat regular food if you wanted to, there’s no rule that says you have to be 100% Soylent.
A fast food lunch/dinner isn’t strictly healthy but with a nutritious Soylent diet it’s forgivable :stuck_out_tongue:


well the one that showed for fat loss said 1650 with so this recipe should be spot on as far as that goes, im 36, male, 5’5" and have a sedentary job


I tend to be pretty cautious so I would still start at about 2000 calories so you can target any problems you get in the first run with flavour/tiredness/aches and pains, then when you start to decrease the calories you can be more certain that any new issues are because of the lower calories and not something else.
But by all means go for it mate, I’m not an expert by any stretch and worst case scenario is you get too hungry but you can always just add more of something for the next day :smile: