Anyway I can have Soylent delivered to Australia with a reasonable price?


Is there a way I can order 1 month supply of Soylent to Australia (Melbourne) at a reasonable price?

Some people are selling Soylent on eBay, but they are charging way too much for it, and then there’s another $100 for shipping it.


I use Shipito - so one month for $255 delivered to there, then $180.44 via DHL express (takes 4 days). If you got the vegan version it would be cheaper to ship - as TNT have cheaper shipping but will not ship liquids - hence why I used DHL.

It is not exactly cheap - but it does get you 1 month to Australia and it’s the only way I know of.

Shipping this is charged by weight and a month’s worth weighs quite a lot, so no real cheap way around it, until they start using sea freight in bulk (maybe a year’s supply at once perhaps).

I got a months supply shipped via vPost for about $45. vPost is owned by the Singaporean post office… so I guess it feels a little less dodgy than other mail forwarding companies.

The service was pretty reasonable. They’re meant to email you when the package arrives, but I found they didn’t do that. I fished around their website for a little while and I found there was a way to look up your tracking number. Using that feature you can look up your shipment and register it in their system. So I recommend you check that site once a day after Soylent send you your delivery notification.

I haven’t received my supplies yet. They are apparently still on their way to the vPost distribution centre. I’ll report back on how the rest of my soylent journey goes.

BTW they send over air freight.

watch this space

they claim to be up and running next week

What are vPost shipping rates? I found this page which seems a lot more expensive than what you paid?

For anyone trying to get shipping quotes it was 64x55x28 cm and 18.77kgs.

Any news on your shipment?

Any updates on the cheapest way of bulk-shipping Soylent to Australia?

The container service from Seven Seas ( seems like it might be a good option. You can do partial containers.

Alternatively, a forwarder like USGoBuy, Planet Express, ShopFans or BigApple Buddy might work - but guessing pricier as it goes by air. All of those, except Planet Express have warehouses in Oregon (no sales tax).

One place that I have used will handle the process without too much hassle :
They will collect the boxes, consolidate them and ship when all ready!