Anywhere to get the 250kcal metal scoop?

I just went on the site to order an additional 250kcal metal scoop and see that you only have plastic 200kcal scoops.

Is it still possible to get the Soylent metal scoops? I don’t buy into the 400kcal thing in any case. Yes, I know metal is more-expensive, more-expensive to work with, and so forth; I’d expect them to be pretty pricey compared to a plastic scoop.

Maybe eBay?

You could use the closest cup measure if 100% accuracy isn’t important. If accuracy is important, you should probably be weighing instead of scooping anyway.


Isn’t the old scoop just 1/2 cup?

I have a 250kcal scoop (metal), if you’d like a trade for the plastic one.

Funny how everyone wanted a new scoop when portion went to 400kcal, and now someone wants the old scoop. I just think that is ironic.

I have an old (1.0!) scoop, no it is not for sale, but I just tested it with granulated sugar. Filled level full and dumped into a measuring cup it was just 1/2C or 125ml.

great answer! I personally weigh everything when i make a meal. I do use the scoop though to help measure :slight_smile: