APO Shipping Problems?


Just wondering what kind of shipping is used for APO orders. I began a subscription on 14 August and my profile lists two shipping IDs, but I have received no tracking information, and have yet to receive anything with tracking information. Contacted support on 27 August. Got a fast response saying they issued a new shipment and I should get tracking information shortly. Waited until 4 Sept to receive tracking information. I contacted support again on 4 Sept, and still haven’t gotten a response.

Shipping to APO addresses requires USPS shipping. First Class or below takes a shipping barge that could take months to arrive. Priority shipping takes a flight out of Chicago straight to my location. I’d gladly pay extra for Priority shipping to get my first wave of Soylent while waiting for the rest.

It seems as if the automated system uses FedEx and maybe there is some form of issue sending tracking information for orders sent via USPS. This assumes my first subscription was even shipped at all. As the customer, I really have no way of knowing.

I know support doesn’t use this forum as an official means of customer support anymore, but I’m nearing the point where my 28 day subscription is about to charge me again. I’d be $450+ invested with nothing in return. Not even a tracking number to tell exactly where the shipment(s) are.

Has anyone else had trouble with APO/FPO shipping?

I have no idea but you’ll probably receive a faster response if you email info@soylent.com. They can issue refunds if something went wrong on their end.


Thanks for the suggestion!

Does that address have a better chance of success vs using the contact form on their page? I’ve already done that twice. Got a response the first time, waited, and still no tracking information. Second time I wrote in hasn’t been responded to yet.

That I don’t know. I’ve always gotten responses from the email address, but I think it might be a Monday-Friday thing.

Maybe @Conor knows something about how they handle APO/FPO addresses.

Coincidentally, you get the exact same auto-generated system email response if you write to info@soylent.com that you do when using the contact form on the soylent.com/contact page. Sent an email directly again today. 4th attempt. Their backlog must be epic.

If their backlog was epic, odds are more than one person would complain.

I wonder if it’s possible that emailed responses to your inquiries are going to another address than the one you expect. That happened to me a long time ago; there was the address I always used, and there was another address associated with my PayPal account that I never voluntarily used. Eventually I discovered that the latter was being used.

Can you confirm whether money has been paid for this shipment? That will at least give you info about what is going on right now.

@Conor, can you help with this again? This seems to be one of these SNAFU situations…


Paypal wasn’t used for the transaction. Same email used for purchase was used on the contact form and to email info@soylent.com directly. $280 paid on 13 August. Shows the transaction on soylent.com and banking statements. Scheduled for the next subscription to be charged on 14 September.

Not sure why I’d receive an initial response to that address, but then future responses would fail. Within seconds of sending or submitting an inquiry I get an auto-generated response. I have also received one real response to my first inquiry via the contact form weeks ago. Still no tracking info though and last two follow up emails, prior to another sent today, have gone unanswered.

It’s not unusual for APO/FPO shipping to have issues if things are sent standard or parcel post. It would be nice knowing if $280 worth of food I’m waiting on has in fact departed, and might be somewhere on the Pacific Ocean though.

Normally what happens is that money dissapears from one’s checking account and within a day or two we get a message saying the stuff has shipped.

Even if your stuff is at the bottom of the sea, I’m confident that you will at the minimum get your money back.

Where are you, if I may ask?

It is becoming apparent that Rosa Labs isn’t handling your issue well right now, obviously.

Conor is in effect the ombudsman for Soylent among his different hats, so I hope this will be resolved for you soon.

South Korea. It’s not really that much of an issue, especially considering there is essentially no shipping charged on the order. Most companies understand that USPS Priority is THE way to go for APO/FPO shipping and enforce it by default. A shipping option I would gladly pay for as well. It is common when ordering things while stationed abroad for things to get mixed up. Last similar adventure was a $400 one piece motorcycle touring suit shipped via parcel post (even though the seller’s site listed USPS Priority as the only shipping option) to me when I was stationed in Italy. Shipping confirmation to New York, 6 month wait, then it just appeared in our mail room.

It would be nice having some way to validate that it is enroute though. Helps grocery planning for sure.

Alternatively, there are always re-shipping services that will receive items for you stateside and ship them USPS Priority to you, but I’m not too keen on sending billing information all over the place when I really only want to contribute to Rosa Labs.

Every Dollar spent is a vote, and I’m happy I purchased/voted for this product and company. Been researching, deliberating, and broswing through all of the wisdom on this very site. I trust they will respond. Until then, I guess I’ll keep eating kimchi :slight_smile:

I emailed them on September 6th because they double charged a subscription and I heard back this morning at about 10 AM. Perhaps my issue was easier to solve, but it’s odd you haven’t heard back after such a long time.

Did you email into customer service? Info@soylent.com. PM me and let me know, I can pull your ticket that way and help you out.


Finally got my response today. Thanks to all who helped get the message through! What a stellar community.

RL has shipped the order 3x times and the shipping partner cancelled all of them without notice. Sometimes APO/FPO zip codes are thrown off by shipping software. From experiences running a small ecommerce site for my wife it is not unheard of. Hopefully they can override whatever logic is causing it to cancel.

Still there are worse places than South Korea to be stuck waiting on a successful shipment of Soylent. Bibimbap and kimchi for me.


Mmmm, bibimbap. If I had a convenient source for that I’d eat a little less Soylent.

Still no follow on info. Losing hope on this one.

I handed this to our CS team. APO shipping issues are difficult to resolve when they occur. I’ll check in with our lead CS rep for you.


You should get put in for a raise. Thanks for assisting!

Thank you, I appreciate the sentiment. :smile:

Update: Today it arrived. 28 Bags, the starter pitcher/scoop, and a t-shirt for my troubles.

Issue: The shipping partner’s automated system was rejecting my address formatted as such


Support suggested I change my address to


But in the mean time they did push through a manual shipment and it did arrive. From notification of tracking number to arrival took a normal 5 “business” days.

I’ll give the automated subscription way one more go before all hope is lost, but luckily with the release of 2.0 many people are looking to sell their 1.5 bags privately and I don’t forsee issues with shipping when a human being is the one generating the label and shipping the box.

Overall I’m satisfied with the product. Had my first servings today. Doesn’t taste bad. Doesn’t taste good. Not hard to prep. Doesn’t take much space. Fills me just as well as the garbage I’ve been eating day to day and I know for the first time in a great while that I’m better nourished.

Thanks to all who helped. Mr. Conor, Miss Laurie from the support team, and those in the community who gave advice or assistance behind the scenes. Glad to take part in the history of such a terrific product, and am looking forward to a long relationship with it.

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I’m curious what kind of “garbage” it is you were eating, as the Army was presumably supplying your food at your APO location–