Apologies (I have some ?s that have probably been answered many times)

I’ve been drinking Soylent off and on since 1.1 (been off since between 1.3 & 1.4 though) but this is like my second time looking at this forum (is there a link to it on the site?). I’m sure my questions already have answers on here but I’m having difficulty getting definitive answers from searching threads (and the website).

Is the mold problem w/ 2.0 resolved? Hopefully this question can be answered in one word. Or was this never really an issue? The blog lead me to believe it was never really a major problem, but a thread on here had many people saying they had mold and I also remember a bunch of pictures. Also, the blog not having dates on the updates is kinda confusing.

What’s the difference between 1.5 and 2.0? I am not looking for a long detailed technical answer (because I wouldn’t understand it), just like a 1 or 2 sentence general response (like if you were trying to tweet the difference between the two or something). I’ve looked on the main site, the FAQs page and wiki’s page. I can see that there are differences, I just don’t understand them.

Sorry again if this repetitive and for not spending more time figuring it out on my own.

Yes, the mold problem is resolved.

1.5 uses rice protein and canola oil and is a dry powder. 2.0 uses soy protein and algae oil and is a liquid.


Yup. Seems to be since they added a foil seal under the cap.

1.5 is powder that you mix with water, 2.0 comes mixed and ready to drink. 1.5 has a bit more carbs, and a bit less fat and protein than 2.0. Some ingredients are from a different source, like the protein. There’s more, but that’s the quick response.

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Cool, thanks guys/gals!

So 2.0 can potentially be your entire diet like the powders were/are?

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Yes very much so. 2.0 is more expensive but most people think it tastes better. It has the same characteristic as all Soylent that it can replace your entire diet.


Awesome, thanks again.

Does this mean there is no more 20 character rule?







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lol I didn’t understand the last 7 replies so I typed “20 character minimum” into the search function and came across a thread titled “Can we remove the 20 character minimum from posts?” and the 1st reply in that thread said:

“Is a reply under 20 characters worth it? Just saying “awesome!” or “good job!” doesn’t contribute to the dialogue. There’s the “like this post” function for things like that. I’d rather read thoughtfully composed responses that take more than 10 seconds out of someone’s stream of consciousness than have to skim through impulsive fluff.”

Which is basically exactly what I did here! And the funny thing is I briefly debated with myself whether I should even reply with those “Awesome!” and “Thanks!” type of posts for that very same reason quoted above (because I generally agree with it!) but also didn’t want to seem rude and not say thanks for the help! Anyways, sorry for another mindless and irrelevant reply. :smiley:

No special characters needed. You can add empty BB code to fill up the character requirement without adding unnecessary text. For example, you can bold/unbold blank space repeatedly until you reach 20 characters.

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