Appearance change?


For all those who have been on the soylent, have you noticed any change in appearance? i mean would you say you have clearer skin? shinier hair? are there any positive visible side affects other than the healthy elements?

Skin look any better?

Clearer skin. Definitely.


Some people have claimed whiter teeth, clearer eyes, etc. I personally can’t comment because I’m still waiting for it. I’ve thought about DIY, but I was so busy doing work fulltime and school 3/4time that I had no time for anything else, including making Soylent.


The effects of Soylent or DIYsolyent will be different for each person based on how healthy the previously were. I already exercised and ate a healthy diet so switching to soylent had little effect on appearance or my mental state. I am losing some extra weight but will be adjusting my recipe soon to stop that.


I turn big and green when I’m angry. But I don’t think my DIY is causing it…

In all seriousness though, I’m bigger (strength training) and have clearer skin. Soylent gives me more calories and makes sure I’m hitting all my good fats. It has a lot to do with my size increase, but I don’t think it has much to do with my skin. Placebo, I believe.


I have noticed my skin clearing up. Not huge things, just noticeably better. I think me teeth are whiter as well. I drank pop and ate a lot of sugar so I thought my teeth would be happier. My wife also said I was nicer.


For about as long as I can remember I have had a small cluster of bumps on the back of my neck at the hairline. They were not painful, did not itch, and in general were a non issue. I have no idea what the condition was. I noticed about a week ago that the bumps were gone, nice.

So… clearer skin, and weight loss for me. Now if the expanding spot of retreating hair atop my head would just fill back in…


Clearer Skin, easy muscle growth.


Just dentist kid FYI: whiter teeth is not necessarily an indicator of improved health.


It cleared up a skin condition on my hands that plagued me for 5 years. Every dermatologist failed miserably by always prescribing steroid cream when it was actually a nutrition deficiency that Soylent was able to fix in 3 weeks. I just wish I knew exactly which nutrient(s) I lack when I don’t drink Soylent.


I’ve noticed my skin isn’t nearly as dry as it was before. My cuticles in particular have improved. They used to dry, crack, bleed, and get infected.

If my bathroom scale is to be believed (I’m very suspicious of its reading) my body fat percentage is going down as well.


gained 30 lbs in muscle, skin better. bigger

hair less greasy. possibly just the hormonal changes and the fact i don’t use as much hair products any more

was around 125lb (age18) about a year and a 4 mouths ago after a vegan diet gone wrong. now at 160lb (age19) and and :smile:


@SyntacticSugars 30 pounds of muscle in a year??? :-o


He’s in his late teens–that’s the age for it.