Appendicitis after using Soylent for 3 months



I’ve just recently had my appendix removed due to appendicitis (burst appendix). I’ve been using Soylent for about 3 months (since early November) for around 50-70% of my meals. I had the gas issues with 1.1 and 1.2, but as others have found, 1.3 seemed to have less gas issues. I also supplemented the Soylent with about 1 tbsp of psyllium seed husks to change stool consistency for the better.

I haven’t gone back to using Soylent since the appendicitis, which was nearly 3 weeks ago (I’m still recovering), however I do want to use it again and do miss its ease of preparation/consumption.

Just wondering if anyone else had any appendix issues or know of anything that I should be concerned about with Soylent’s use. Soylent may be completely unrelated to the appendicitis, but I just thought I’d ask here.

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This gets to the larger issue of, how do we know if something that started after someone began Soylent, be it good or bad, was caused by Soylent? Some good or bad things will happen even to people that don’t consume Soylent so when those things happen to people that do consume Soylent how do we know if there’s a causal relationship? I don’t know.


Since this is the first and only report of such an issue that I’ve heard of (or anything even remotely close), I doubt it’s related. Still only time and lots more data points can tell that for sure. Appendicitis does happen with fair frequency so… I’d say the odds are simply 100% that eventually someone on Soylent was going to have their appendix burst. Darn things! Someone should sue the manufacturer! Class action! Where’s the lawyers!? :smiley:


Yes, I expect that there is no relationship between Soylent and appendicitis and it would have happened anyway. Just throwing it out there anyway.


Ever since I got version 1.3, I’ve been having problems getting my car started. (joke)


Soylent issued v1.4 and then a couple days later Spock died. If that’s not an indication that v1.4 is evil then I don’t know what is.


I got appendicitis in the eighth grade when I was probably at my most healthy, eating lots of veggies and meats and grains and getting tons of exercise. Is just one of those things that can hit at any moment.

On the plus side I don’t have to worry about Soylent causing another issue there since my own appendix was shipped to Seattle before I woke up from the surgery.


Too much fiber could be the reason then :wink: OP did add extra fiber to an already fiber rich Soylent haha. But seriously though, some sites around the web suggest that fiber rich diets should help prevent it. (based on the fact that counties with fiber rich diets have fewer cases)


I have appendicitis. My options, as I understand: 1) Get surgery in two days, or 2) Wait 4-5 months for my first order of Soylent to arrive.



I have been drinking soylent for 5 weeks. And every day, the pain in my lower right abdomen has been getting worse. I didnt think the soylent had anything to do with it. Then I stopped drinking it for a week and the pain went away completely. However, I really missed the taste. and started drinking it again, and boom, the pain came right back and is now super bad.

In a few days here, I might have to go get this checked out, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they said it was appendicitis.


Do not be alarmed. The gestation is proceeding normally.


If your recipe (if you’re doing diy) is heavy in gluten you could have an intolerance or something too (that’s an issue I grew up around because my mom had it, and she always described the pain like you are now).


Soylent shot my paw.


Just to give another data point, even though there is no way to tell wither it is related or not to Soylent, I got a appendix stone / appendicitis, and has to get my appendix removed 3 weeks ago. It thought it was pretty strange seeing this thread bumped to the top of the form just recently. I’ve been getting about 75% of my calories on average from Soylent ever since 1.4 was released and I transitioned to 2.0 when it was released. The thought did cross my mind, but I don’t think there’s any reason to believe it was related to Soylent. As far as I know the cause is mostly unknown and appendicitis occurs in both healthy and unhealthy people.


Experts believe there are two likely causes of appendicitis:

Infection - a stomach infection may have found its way to the appendix.

Obstruction - a hard piece of stool may have got trapped in the appendix. The bacteria in the trapped stool might then infect the appendix.


I had to get my appendix out just last night after being on soylent for two months.
I could be a coincidence, but if someone’s gathering data, I’m another point.


I believe you can only have your appendix removed once. So you should be fine now, drink up.