Are all shipments on hold until Soylent 1.1 release? (bugfix for gas issue)


…is what I’m speculating in the absence of any official explanation of the dearth of shipping notifications since June 9. @JulioMiles, am I wrong?


You really should have put “speculation” or at least a question mark in your title…


That would be good if they did find problems with the recipe, but I don’t think that’s likely at this point.

I was just thinking about this yesterday. If they do decide to change the recipe, how would that effect their shipping/production. Would they wait to get all original orders shipped out first before making any changes? Or, would they just make changes on the fly when they have to order more ingredients.

They have shown in the past a willingness to slow the process down to make improvements so it’s not entirely out of the question.


Please tag this as speculation.


I almost raged until I realized this wasn’t an announcement thread.


Speculation??? WTF??

Posting a title like this, and then saying “just speculating … hah hah!” in the post is stupid and irresponsible.

Besides, what kind of company puts production “on hold” to work on the next generation? You don’t stop selling Coke just because you’re working on a new recipe.


Yeah, it is kind of out of the question if the company wants to be in business a year from now. They’ve started the media blitz have have been pushing the stuff right and left. You can’t announce your new product across the internet as being available, put up a website for people to order, and then stick your thumb up your rear end.


Agree with other posters - there should be a strong visual indicator in the title that this is purely speculation.

Remember, not all users are having gas issues, so it would not behoove Rosa Labs to stop shipments to all users. The non-gas, 100% users would have every right to be pretty pi55ed about such an action. So I doubt that Rosa Labs would go down that route.


It’s happened before.


Thats not putting production on hold to do the next generation, that is getting the first generation right before production.


There is a similarity in that the delay wasn’t announced until the previously announced date estimate had arrived, despite the problem being known internally for six weeks already. For all we knew between 2013-10-25 and 2014-1-3, they were in full production mode. Not until 2014-1-3 did we know they had actually been still tweaking the recipe all that time. That suggests a willingness to put production and shipping on hold to get things right (which I don’t fault them for), as well as a willingness to delay announcing the reasons for the pause (which I wish they wouldn’t do).


But they didn’t start shipping things to people then stop wordlessly.



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Well, @JulioMiles has indicated in a PM that my speculation was not factual. So we can cross that explanation for the slowdown off the list. Is this (process of elimination) going to be how we eventually figure out the reason for the shipping slowdown? Do we need to make posts called “eBay reorders are slowing down backer shipments”, “Another rice shortage, 1-month delay expected”, “Fulfillment center overrun by zombies”, etc., until we happen to stumble on the correct answer?


Honestly, they’re probably letting inventory levels rise in anticipation of reorders. Once they see what percentage of customers are reordering, they’ll have a better idea as to whether it’s safe to ship to additional customers based on their current production throughput.


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