Are any of the men here aiming to change their bodies in a specific way with the help of Soylent?


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I tells ya — in six months on Soylent I’ve lost 8kg (17½ pounds) and 5.5 percentage points of body fat (22.5% to 17%), yet my gut looks pretty much the same as it ever did, and measures about the same around (37").

I basically like how my body looks, but for like the last 15 years I’ve always had the thought in the back of my mind: “What if my stomach was flatter?”

So my new goal is to get to something like 12% or 13% body fat, and see what my gut looks like then.

Is anyone else trying to change something specific about their body shape with Soylent’s help? Or am I the only narcissistic diva up in this joint?

Food tech is just men rebranding what women have done for decades

Well done on the weight loss. That’s great progress!

I too needed to eliminate my gut. I tried with Soylent, but it didn’t work for me for weight loss. Too many carbs stimulated my appetite. Once I switched to a keto diet everything changed. With keto, my metabolism is optimized to burn fat and my appetite is satiated. It’s a real win-win for weight loss!


I’ve been trying to gain weight/muscle. I’m a pretty scrawny guy at the moment (5’10" and 140lb).


Aw cheers, thank you.

Gotcha. Did you find you ate more calories when you were on Soylent, as compared to before (or as compared to your current keto diet)? Or felt more hungry?


Gotcha. Have you found Soylent to help at all with your goals?

(For the record, I’m 6’ and currently 73kg/161 pounds.)


Ideally, I’d like to gain strength (not muscle mass, just strength), while keeping my weight steady or losing some weight. I do a lot of rock climbing, which is why I want to gain strength without gaining any weight. Using Soylent for 50% of my meals, and supplementing it with protein powder, I’ve been pretty successful. When I first started Solyent+protein, I gained 4-5 pounds, but for most of the past year I have kept my weight steady, and I think I’ve lost fat since then (hopefully/probably turned it into muscle). I don’t know my exact body fat, but I have always been pretty low body fat; when I was in my 20’s I had it measured a couple times and was always under 10% body fat.

What I like about Soylent is that you know exactly what you are eating and how much, plus it’s so easy and I really like the flavor. I wouldn’t mind trying a keto diet, see if I can lose fat without losing strength, but the convenience factor of Soylent has kept me from trying anything else.


Gotcha, that sounds like good stuff. Do you feel like you’ve been getting stronger over the past year? I guess that’s hard to measure, but I dunno: are the rocks getting easier to climb?


Soylent vs regular food was about the same, which turns out to be slightly higher than my metabolic needs, so I’ve always gained just a little weight each year. I started cutting back and/or exercising, and made a little progress, but it was so hard.

With keto, I made a huge reduction in calories without being hungry. My keto has all been regular food. I should try a liquid keto option to see how that compares.


Yes, I’ve been using Soylent to replace the meals I don’t have the time or motivation for. I’ve put on a few pounds over the past year or so, but it’s slow progress since Soylent is still expensive for my family.


Gut fat is indeed troublesome to get rid of :sweat_smile: I lost about 10kg since last summer, without the help of Soylent since I am from Europe… But my gut still looks the same basically. I am suddenly able to wear some of my older jeans again, so I must have droppede some of the fat around my waist at least :sweat_smile:. The way I lost weight so far has not been a strict diet or anything, simply put… I skip a meal most days, so it’s just 1-2 “big” meals and nothing else.

I am 181 cm tall and was 95kg, now 84-85kg


I do some weightlifting as crosstraining, and I have improved pretty dramatically there, so yes I know I’ve gotten stronger. I also feel like my strength for climbing (grip, contact, and core strength) has gotten better, but that’s pretty hard to quantify.


That’s an odd and non-biologically-sound desire.
You’ll be able to improve strength by training your nervous system to more properly recruit more muscle fibers, but when you get down to the nuts and bolts, muscle tissue doesn’t really get stronger. If you want to be stronger, i.e. able to push more weight or move heavier things, you have to increase the cross-section size – the diameter – of the muscle fibers. And that means muscle mass.

You can offset that by losing stored fat which is probably also a goal.


I started eating Soylent when I left my previous job. I had poor eating habits, I often would not eat regularly, skipping meals. A friend had told me about Soylent about 4 months before and gave me a pouch as a gag birthday gift. The bag of Soylent sat on the shelf for quite some time, then I left my job amicably. [I got severance, no worries]

Well, I was looking at a way to reduce my bills and I noticed I spend a hell of a lot of money going to restaurants for dinner. I would go without eating, nearly all day, then go to a restaurant for dinner because it was easy.

I went ahead and prepared the bag of Soylent my friend gave me, although it was gritty, it wasn’t nearly as bad tasting as the internet said it was, so I ordered a 7 day supply.

Now, this is some important background: at my previous job I would walk an 80,000 square foot warehouse, I would easily get 15,000 steps just at work alone. I went from 18,000 steps a day to literally, 2,000 per day. At this point I weighed 186# according to my doctors scale.

I started eating 500 calories of Soylent for Breakfast, 500 calories of Soylent for lunch and at first I would eat whatever I wanted for dinner, I didn’t count calories. Because I was reducing my bills, I started cooking dinner at home instead of eating out.

I lost 10# in one month.

Loosing 10# in one month was a huge deal for me, I have always been chubby for my height of 5’7", even obese at one point. While I was at work, I was gaining weight, not loosing weight. SO… eating more food and doing less activity was a huge surprise.

Loosing 10# inspired me to get my health in order. I started to count my calories. I still eat “whatever I want” for dinner, as long as I keep my calories for the day between 1800-2000. I still eat 1/4 cheeseburgers with bacon, I just keep my calories where they need to be.

I had lost 20# since the beginning of February, it was now the end of March. Now remember when I said I used to do 18,000 steps a day? I was still not doing any exercise, I couldn’t have been doing more than 2,000 steps a day, I stayed at home and watched a lot of new series that I never had seen before. House of Cards, The Americans, Man in the High Castle…

Then, after really thinking long and hard about how I just lost 20# by simply changing my eating habits, when else can I accomplish if I started exercising? I purchased a Fitbit to help track my exercises, food intake, and weight loss goals. I set a weight loss goal! I started walking 2 miles every day. I started to run 2x a week. I started doing sets of push-ups in the mornings 3x a week (and I could do more pushups because I had lost 20#.) I started doing crunches and ab work outs 2x a week.

Today I am down 35#. I currently weight 149#. I set a goal to get to 140#. I went from a 38 waist to a 31 waist. I just donated over $600 worth of cloths that didn’t fit me to Goodwill.

My weight loss has slowed down, and I can see why. I have visibly gained tone in my arms, calves and thighs. My wife says she can see my stomach changing shape - I think she is just trying to make me feel better… but thats not really her style.

Now, since I lost 35#, went to a 31 waist, I set myself a new goal. I want a flat stomach, and its going to take a lot of hard work. The love handles are gone, there is still a layer of fat on my belly that I am working on getting rid of.

I know I may be different than others, somehow I could have gotten “used” to not eating much so I don’t get hungry as often as other people. But I don’t feel hungry for a solid 4-6 hours after I eating Soylent.


I just want to maintain where I am, without having to concern myself over what I feel like eating. (I consume 100% Soylent 2.0 on work days - 4 days per week - and whatever I feel like for the other 3 days) It’s working just fine.

^ That’s my bare minimum.

I wouldn’t mind losing a bit of weight & adding muscle, though. (I gained some weight a while back due to an injury which kept me very inactive for a time) I did try “dieting” on Soylent, but it always left me feeling very, very hungry.

But now that the warm weather is here I’m outside doing all the things I love to do (hiking/backpacking, mountain biking) so I’ll just lose that last 15 pounds or so easily enough via burning more calories, as opposed to consuming less calories. I feel that’s always the best way to go, anyway. (I just wish Soylent had more protein, to make things simpler when I get back into weight training)


Been trying to develop telepathic abilities through the nutritional benefits of Soylent.

So far I have had mixed results.


I thought you might say that.


Progressing and enhancing my body composition was one of the major reasons why I decided to buy Soylent. The cooking and shopping and cleaning was taking up a lot of time and I thought Soylent would definitely help circumvent that. It kinda irks me though that they have been reducing the protein content with each new iteration of Soylent. I’ve had to supplement that with protein powders, which was my original thought to begin with. So it’s not so much a bad thing because I vary the protein powder flavors I buy anyhow as to add some flavor to my daily consumption.


2.0 at least brought it back up to the original level of 20%, although that’s no help if you prefer the powder.

What protein powders do you use to alter the flavour, and what kinds of tastes do they produce?


What are the changes that men are hoping to achieve? I can only speak for myself but I am seeking a known amount of carbs per meal so I can plan insulin usage (diabetic). Weight loss is a secondary concern and honestly, complete nutrition is a close third.


Gotcha. Have you started eating Soylent yet?