Are any of the men here aiming to change their bodies in a specific way with the help of Soylent?


Yes. The Soylent is a but higher in carbs than I would like I’m going to go off for a bit to see if my carbs level out.


They did bring it back but I’m still somewhat hesitant because its a Soy protein they are using and I still haven’t managed to overcome the mental hurdle with Soy protein.

The protein powders I use vary very often. It’s usually dependent on the quality, what sounds good and how much protein is in it, not necessarily in that order. Gotta keep my taste buds guessing. Protein powder is expensive but if you know where to shop that can bring down the cost significantly. I like to shop when there’s sales. Get the most bang out of my dollar.

I’m currently using Bpi’s Granola Crunch and when I make my Soylent I make it in batches, 2 pitchers at a time.


This is exactly me. I look mostly ok except for my gut. Plus I’d really like to build up my muscle mass while also greatly lowering my body fat. I’ve been a vegan for decades and I know how to eat a healthy diet, but it’s way too easy for me to slip into a huge carb surplus. What I was seeing in thee mirror was all the proof I needed that it was time to use a new tool.

I’m using Soylent 2.0 to get me on track to meeting those goals. I’m pretty sure that as I get closer to what I want I’ll have to switch back to legacy food to transition to a vegan keto diet. It will be a challenge but I’m looking forward to it, and Soylent has already gotten me off to a great start.

I would be thrilled if by the end of this year there is a 2.0 vegan keto Soylent. I know that other companies have vegan keto powders, but right now I’m not interested in that.