Are Canadians who receive Soylent via a reshipping service eligible for the 1-2 weeks shipping for reorders?


I live in Canada, and in September I ordered a one month’s supply of Soylent via’s assisted purchasing service. Unfortunately, does not support subscriptions. As a non-subscribed customer using a reshipping service, will I be able to reorder another month’s supply of Soylent and have it arrive in 1-2 weeks once my original order arrives?


So long as the orders are made with the same email address, yes. Rosa Labs doesn’t particularly care if it is through a reshipper or a direct address. They identify you by email, so if the email matches, then you’re in the priority box.


I’m not sure whether uses my email address or their own email address to do an assisted purchase.


Ah, missed the “assisted purchase” part.

@Soylent would probably have to verify what the process is or somebody else who has used their service.


Just gotta make sure I keep rolling in that sweet, sweet Soylent.


When I ordered the only real email address was mine. I communicated with Soylent giving the Reship address as my “home” address. I also communicated with Reship but that was a deal between Reship and me. Reship never communicates with Soylent at all.

As far as Soylent goes, if you have a Reship address it is exactly the same as having an American address.



@deepriverfish The 1-2 week period for reorders should definitely count for you if the same email address is used. We located your email to support and will follow up with you to confirm.


Thank you! I did receive an email from customer care but the issue is still unresolved.

Edit: customer care resolved the issue! :slight_smile: