Are cheat meals necessary on Soylent?

If I were on a calorie deficit diet, it is recommended to have a cheat meal to reset your fat burning hormones.

However, with soylent (100% intake sole) I’m eating 100% of the calories each day, so there is no calorie deficit…

A single cheat meal doesn’t really have a hormone resetting effect; you’d have to take more of a diet break. The bigger value of a cheat meal is in the psychological break from dieting it provides, which makes a very-low-calorie diet much more tolerable. The reason most diets fails is because people can’t stick to them.

If you were eating Soylent with severely restricted calories, you might want a cheat meal… but that cheat meal might actually consist of extra Soylent! If you’re getting 100% of calories on Soylent, there’s absolutely no need for a cheat meal in the calorie sense.

However, a lot of people value a cheat meal in the sense of the psychological desire to have more variety, to eat different thigns, to eat in a social context, etc. All of that can be very healthy, overall, and can make it easier to go back to Soylent the next day.

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I wouldn’t think so :slight_smile: keep in mind you can drink more than one bag a day if you want more calories and that would be fine.

I don’t know how true this fat burning hormones reset thing is… But my gut feeling tells me it really doesn’t matter. If you plan to lose weight and you consume less calories than burn, you will lose weight regardless of hormones or not.

I have a cheat meal once or twice a week just for the stimulation of my taste buds. (…and sometimes for social reasons.)

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