"Are Food Tech Companies Promising Too Much Too Fast?"

Via Yahoo:

Soylent is mentioned along with several other food companies.


“Food brings this level of complexity that I think some tech entrepreneurs have not fully baked into their models,” says William Rosenzweig, dean of the new Food Business School

I see what he did there!

“Some of the companies that have attracted enormous amounts of venture capital early on, and have expected a scalability that will be difficult to achieve. A salad dressing in a bottle doesn’t scale the same way an app in the app store does.”

Missed opportunity there though. I personally think their optimistic expectations of scalability have left them with egg on their faces.


Here’s the original link, via Civil Eats. (I’m always a fan of giving the hits to the source, as opposed to a web portal.):

Are Food Tech Companies Promising Too Much Too Fast?


This is interesting. It does bring up some of the concerns I have had. Thanks for sharing!


“Moreover, the United States doesn’t have any laws regarding testing of new ingredients such as those in European Union and Canada, says Jaydee Hanson, a senior policy analyst at the Center for Food Safety. In those places, novel food laws require foods that have never been consumed before to undergo more rigorous testing and trials than currently exist … “If [Soylent] were reviewed in Europe or Canada it would make me a little more relaxed,” Hanson says.”

As Soylent was originally not available in Canada but became available a few months ago does that mean that Soylent did indeed pass these tests?