Are orders still being fulfilled during covid-19?

While I used to have an entire wall of Soylent in my kitchen (a surplus of like 10 cases or more at one point), I just spent a good part of a year trying to whittle that down, so I never had expired Soylent. I reduced my subscription to one case per month to keep my grandfathered status, and slowly went through all my boxes.

Of course, my timing could NOT BE WORSE! I’m down to five remaining bottles from my last box, right during the covid-19 social distancing shutdown.

I rationed it out knowing my order would be billed last week, which it was (I upped my order amount back to 7 boxes). For days i’ve been checking, and it says unfulfilled each day.

Are orders being fulfilled, or are workers at home? Should I be counting on this shipment, or should I venture out to the grocery store and buy a few week’s worth of food?



I did order 6 boxes powder, 3 RTD, 1 squares about 12 days ago. The 1.9 & 2.0 shipped within a few days, squares were held up maybe 5 days. All shipped from PA to California so took a few days. 1.9 & 2.0 arrived early last week, squares yesterday. 1.9 expires Nov 25, 2.0 expires Sep 30


Still unfulfilled. :frowning:

I think this will be the first time in over four years that I don’t have a bottle of Soylent available for consumption. :slightly_frowning_face:

Still nothing. I was billed on 3/28 and now it’s 4/2… If fulfillment has been stopped, people should receive emails about that at the very least.

Please reply. Just want to know the status, so I can plan accordingly. Is fulfillment stopped during covid-19 social distancing?

Just taking a little longer. Factory workers have to abide by new rules. I was billed 3/18 and got 3 different shipments, the last being yesterday. All items received. Best buy date on original RTD is 1/15/2021. Soylent is most likely doing the best they can under the circumstances.


My order now shows as fulfilled. Glad to know orders are still being shipped. My only concern was if they weren’t and not knowing about that. I of course want everyone to stay safe.

For some of us, Soylent is now more than a slight convenience product, but is instead a large part of our daily diet. Restaurants and grocery stores are staying open - I worried this might have fallen through the cracks and not counted.

Stay safe everyone. And know that at least for now, they’re still fulfilling orders. Soylent, if that needs to change in the future, please let us know.

…Jeff Keegan


For whatever this is worth, here in Silicon Valley we have still received all our normal Subscribe and Save orders from Amazon without interruption.

On that note as a potentially helpful tip for someone, some time ago we set up a second “guest” account under our primary Amazon Prime account (my other half is the primary, I’m the “guest” - Amazon allows this and it costs nothing additional) which then allows my account to have its own Subscribe & Save schedule. We staggered them such that one account’s orders arrive mid month, and one arrives end of the month, so we can adjust what we need every 2 weeks instead of only once per month. Has been extremely handy!