Are Powdered Foods kosher?


I received a question: "Is your 100%FOOD kosher?"
My answer is below, pls. add or correct me, since it relates to all powdered foods:

"According to the regulations of kashrut, reasons for food not being kosher include the presence of ingredients derived from nonkosher animals or from kosher animals that were not slaughtered in a ritually proper manner, a mixture of meat and milk, wine and grape juice.

Since all those rules were set for the regular food and we do not have special opinion for the integrated foods - we cannot answer this question.

But in my humble opinion - if the blend has protein derived from plants and does not have dairy ingredients - we can say it’s kosher.

For instance, 100%FOOD gets protein from Rice, Hemp & Soy and has no dairy products in the list of ingredients."


Possibly - the ingredients also have to be processed in a facility in which no non-kosher foodstuffs can cause contamination. If flour is made in a factory that also makes bacon, for example, it can’t be certified kosher.

I’d call up the sources of your ingredients and verify each one.


I once listened to an Orthodox friend and his Orthodox friend debate at some length whether a (totally inorganic) food additive was kosher or not. Of course, each took a different side.

As jrowe47 says, it’s important that the equipment in the facility that makes it doesn’t come into contact with something else that would make it non-kosher. Nothing being actually cooked gets you around problems you could have with only gentiles being involved in food preparation. If you want to be certified kosher, there are also requirements to be extra-kosher-sure there is no bug contamination.

But if you want to be certified kosher, that’s a whole thing and you’d have to hire someone who could officially do it.