Are Refunds still an option?


@JulioMiles it still possible to get a refund, I think I would rather have my 480 bucks and do DIY until you guys get your act together. I think that your customer service needs a lot of work. Amazon would be dead if they treated customers this way.


Whenever anyone asks about this, the reply is “send an email to”. I suspect that is still the right place to ask for a refund.


I’m so VERY close to saying the same thing about my $1020… @JulioMiles, where are you? Do your job as VP of communications and COMMUNICATE. You’re about to have a revolt on your hands in the forum. What happened? Did you take the money and go on some extravagant vacation forgetting that you have customers to whom you promised a product almost a year ago!


@wheresmysoylent Did you send them an email ?


We have been providing refunds since day 1 and will continue to do so. Please email with your request.


Well at least we know they’re still reading the boards…


Nah, that was JuIioMilez, the evil twin. The good twin has been pretty active around here, answering an impressive number of threads. I’m not sure where the “you haven’t been reading/answering anything” comments take base, but I think they could be more accurately represented by “you haven’t been answering the things I want you to:wink:

Which is a valid complaint on its own, but not quite the same as accusations of complete apathy.


Can you provide any info about where you are in the shipping process? How many 1+ month original backers are still left to ship.