Are reorders really shipped within 2 weeks? What are the criteria for your order to be a "reorder?"



I ordered Soylent last year in August and I received an email telling me to confirm my address and that it would be shipped soon. It’s been so long though that I gave in and bought a month’s worth of over-priced Soylent on ebay and I am hooked, like, good god, when I was on it I would walk past this pizza shop on the corner near my work and I’d smell it… and to my astonishment I would keep walking and go have a Soylent dinner EVERY TIME I WALKED PAST IT. O_o My month supply is finished with now and it sucks so I want to subscribe.

My questions are: the website says that reorders take 1-2 weeks. I ordered a once off test run. If I subscribe now will it register as a reorder since I’ve already received an email telling me my order from August will be shipped soon? Or do I actually have to wait till my August order is in my hands before the subscription is registered as a reorder? Next, if I do have to wait, how long is the time generally from when you receive the “Confirm address” email to the “Has been shipped” email? Lastly, if my subscription is registered as a reorder, will it really take only 1-2 weeks for the company to ship it? Have people generally been getting their reorders in 1-2 weeks?

So those are 3 questions I have.

  1. What are the criteria for your subscription to be a “reorder”?
  2. Time from confirm address email -> shipped?
  3. Reorders take 1-2 weeks?


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