Are salt tablets as good / better than adding salt?


I just started on official soylent, and already have a minor headache. It could be placebo, it could be completely unrelated, but I’m going to watch it.

If I decide to start adding salt, I was wondering if anyone had information about taking a salt tablet daily instead of adding salt to the mixture. (For both convenience and taste reasons)

I already have S Caps: 341 mg Sodium and 21 mg Potassium. Contains, sodium chloride, sodium bicarbonate, sodium citrate , sodium phosphate, potassium chloride

Is that considered a lot, a little, just right? I’m a little lost on the salt thing.



Personally I think your overthinking it a bit. Try it and find out. It won’t kill you.


Do it… for science…

Besides, its not like it can hurt you. I’m curious.


Soylent currently has 1050 mg of sodium for a day, and they’re planning on changing that to 1500mg for a day ( If we do the math you should be getting around 1391 mg of sodium a day which should be just about right, so it should be just as good as adding salt.


Thanks I’m gonna wait until I have a bit more time with Soylent as is before I start modifying, so I can get a better gauge of the effects. But I’ll update here once I start taking the salt tablets

Side note - any idea when they are going up to 1500mg? Is that going to be Soylent 1.1?


I don’t think there’s been any official word on that since they’re focused primarily on ironing out the supply and distribution challenges. That said, the answer is probably ‘yes’ since it’s an easy and important change to make.

And to answer your original question about directly adding salt, the effect on flavor is mild but distinct. Specifically, adding one-quarter or one-half teaspoons of salt does a lot to nullify Soylent’s sweetness. It doesn’t make it taste bad or salty, but it definitely tastes more ‘neutral’ with the salt, at least to me. Your mileage may vary.

EDIT: Changed “1 or 2 teaspoons” of salt to a sane quantity. Oops. I think 1 teaspoon is over 2000mg sodium?


Please don’t confuse salt and sodium. :slight_smile: 1000 mg Salt is not the same as 1000 mg Sodium


Sorry, I meant sodium, I realize for table salt you need to add approximately 1.145 g of to get 450 mg of sodium, I apologize if I confused anybody.