Are Soylent 1.4 side effects gone in 1.5?


Some people have been experiencing some odd symptoms from soylent. For me is seems more pronounced. I started experiencing these symptoms only after a day of starting soylent.

  1. weakness/fatigue
  2. muddled thinking
  3. irritability/ aggressiveness
  4. slight dizziness

After eating something i start to feel a little better. This maybe to early to ask but I am hoping someone can tell me if they stopped experiencing these symptoms on 1.5. Some people have linked these problems to the same symptoms as hypoglycemia.


Wow, I’m glad I didn’t have these side effects with 1.4.
I still have 7 bags of 1.4 to go before I crack open my 1.5 supply. :relaxed:


Personally, I am just about to take the soylent plunge for the first time and so haven’t had a subjective experience either way. But many of those symptoms seem more like what are sometimes called “symptoms of life” rather than specific to soylent. As in, “If you go from a high-calore / high-sugar / whatever diet to soylent, your body may take time to adjust – not because it’s soylent, but because it’s different than your body is used to (and probably lower calorie, too).” It seems bodies adjust to soylent in time, but every body is different.


@Ariamythe brings up a good point. Are you going from a much higher calorie diet to 100% Soylent? How much do you weigh? I think all those symptoms could result from an extreme caloric deficit.

When you say hypoglycemia, do you mean idiopathic postprandial syndrome, or actual hypoglycemia? Actual hypoglycemia is described as a medical emergency, which means you should probably find a real doctor or collapse inside a hospital or something. If it is “pseudohypoglycemia,” Wikipedia says, “The principal treatments recommended are extra small meals or snacks and avoidance of excessive simple sugars.” So, frequent small meals would be better for you than infrequent large meals.


I’m on %75 soylent. Its not a deficit because i take soylent in the morning and feel these symptoms by noon. I have never felt this way before and i have gone most of the day without eating frequently and felt fine. So its safe to assume that its something in soylent that is giving me the symptoms not a lack of something.


Any chance you could get a blood test to for mineral levels and perhaps vitamins too?

Eventhough Soylent is suppose to contain everything… This one idea just came up it is related to magnesium deficiency… So perhaps if it is the cause… It should go away after some tlme on Soylent as deficiencies goes away… It is a shot in the dark, but get your levels tested anyway :slight_smile:


I just received the results of my labwork yesterday and the Dr. said that my levels were all good with the exception of D-3. She stated that I will have to take a supplement in order to up my levels.