Are the default Discourse trust level restrictions really necessary?


I just joined, looking for other people in Seattle. …However, as a new member, I can’t PM anyone, or even post a link to the Discourse documentation that explains why new users can’t do anything (Discourse tries to be extra clever and put the contents of the link target into the message, which in this case includes an image, and then won’t let me post because people at the “visitor” trust level can’t post images. Durrrr.) This is really irritating, and is getting in between me and my Soylent. Is it really necessary?


You should be able to post a link in line like this link to the documentation without discourse pulling in content. A change to the functionality would probably be difficult to implement well, but maybe it should at least be made more obvious how it works.

The new user restrictions really are necessary (spam being what it is these days) and they don’t last for too long. Stick around, have some fun and you’ll be level 1 in no time :slight_smile:


Mm… personally, I prefer to not talk unless I have something worth saying, and the “you must post to N topics” setting is basically encouraging me to go write some low-quality posts just so I can get out of the “visitor” status. Reading the Discourse documentation, it looks like it would be a fairly easy configuration change.


You don’t have to post anything to get to basic (level 1) status, which is where most of the functionality comes into play. For example, this is my third post, but I have been a basic user for a while now. The basic trust level only requires reading 50 posts (3 here), entering 5 topics (this is one), and spending 15 minutes in the forum.


Oh! I guess I thought that “entering” meant posting. Well, that’s easy enough to do!


These type of anti spam regs are the reason this little forum doesn’t look like public guestbook pages did back in the day. They’re finnicky in the extreme short term to users who want to get a head start on things but they’re usually just frustrating enough to keep all but the most persistent pond life of the internet at bay.


Sorry, that was a bug we fixed a long time ago. Fortunately this forum was just updated to the latest… ish… code base which doesn’t have that problem.