Are there any women in this forum on Soylent?


I ask because in this survey I’m conducting from my other thread about food neutrality, the responses I’ve received so far have been exclusively male:

I’d like to hear from the other 50% of the population as well.


My female half is definitely “on Soylent” but she’s not much for forum participation, so she’s just hearing what I relay to her and chiming in on things for me to relate back to the forum. I didn’t know there was a survey, but I can ask her if she’d like to take it.


FWIW, I’ve talked to several on the forums, but they tend not to check in regularly or be heavy posters.


I read every day, but I tend not to put in my 2c very frequently. I’ll throw it at some of my friends, too, to get you some additional lady feedback.


My postings won’t become truly relevant until Canadian shipments start. But when I was trying to decide if I were really really interested in it, I found research difficult because most of the witnesses were young men. As a 60 year old woman, I know that what my body will tolerate is different than when I lived and thrived on sloppy joes, chocolate covered donuts and coffee as an Engineering student in my 20s.

But then one of the moms of the founders (sorry forgotten her name) who is about the same generation as me did a lengthy blog posting and I was reassured that Soylent would perform to spec for at least the “times food is inconvenient” times which for me are very frequent.

There was also a long post on Facebook from a somewhat obese 60 year old woman who was on DIY. She found that overtime with the ability to strictly count calories while also maintaining nutrients to prevent nutrient cravings, that she was losing weight in a reasonable manner.

I’m looking forward to my own experience and I truly believe that narratives from me will help fill an important information gap for good and ill.



I’m a woman who’s been lurking the soylent forums. I’m not on it yet, in as much as my supply hasn’t arrived yet. But I would like to post/blog more about the experience.

For me though, I’m not sure if I’m food neutral. I have always been content to eat the same thing daily, but enjoy going out, and occasionally cope with stress through eating. I mostly want to be able to escape from having to take the time to eat, and make the choices. I think in a culture that prizes dieting, and sorts meals into “good” foods and “bad” foods, I’m happy to not have to feel guilty about what’s on my plate.

Nevertheless, I’m happy to fill out any surveys if my experience will help.


I am female. I didn’t notice your thread earlier, so I filled out your survey.


That’d be @leecauble1 :stuck_out_tongue:

Pinging her into the conversation in case she is interested in the survey.


Mom here. 62, love food but have become bored with preparation. I’m a very good and adventurous cook when in the mood. Work and other responsibilities have just taken over. Being on beta Soylent ™ was great. Lots of energy. More productive at work. I did several blog posts about the experience. Now I’m waiting patiently like everyone else for my shipment of v1.0. I know the team is working very hard to get Soylent ™ out to everyone. I saw them in action a few weeks ago. Delivering a high quality product & experience is #1 for these guys. @alkah3st I’ll be happy to take your survey.


I’m female, but not food neutral. Sorry!

Along the lines of @EveB’s comment… were there multiple female beta-testers, or just @leecauble1? (And folks on DIY, of course.)

I have a suspicion that younger women’s dietary needs are different from both men and women who have passed menopause, doubly so if we plan to have children. (I don’t, but I still think it’s a population worth considering.) I mean, we’ve found out a lot about how medical tests thought to be “neutral” (because they were done on men) turned out not to apply to women, in the past; nutrition seems like a place where we might be very different.

I’d really love to see women on Soylent band together and discuss how it works for us, as a population. It seems to me like the data’s going to be a little scarce, but we should try to gather it as best we can, anyway. :smile:


This morning while I was roaming around I came upon a survey that had a breakdown of gender,age, consumption intent, where Soylent will be in the future. Overwhelming responses were from males 18-34. But about a third were women. I can’t seem to find it again. @nickp is this one of yours?


For what it’s worth I don’t believe the survey creator is looking only for “food neutrals” to answer. The first question is basically “are you food neutral”.


Oh, I guess I should have clicked through to look. Thanks! I’ll do the survey. :smile:


I’m female and food neutral (and also asexual if that is informative) so I filled out the survey.



@leecauble1 Yep and the responses are here:


Why do you think that is? (Not being facetious here)


I’m finding that a lot of us fit in a “food neutral” spectrum, if you’d pardon the expression. Perhaps the opposite of the culture we have, where conventional meals are an option and a luxury rather than something to be sorted into good and bad categories, would be something like “food rationalism.”


@Seaine, @leecauble1, @web_kunoichi, @EveB

Thanks for participating!

This will be very helpful too.

I’d love to listen to this conversation, as I have a feeling the female population will have very different reasons for trying a Soylent diet than the male population.

Yes, the survey is open to anyone on this forum, or anyone who is trying Soylent out or considering trying it out.


Why would women have different reasons than men for trying soylent™? Convenience​:heavy_check_mark:️ Time saving​:heavy_check_mark:️ Better health​:heavy_check_mark:️Cost?:heavy_check_mark:️ I’ve also read some posts by men who want to loose weight​:heavy_check_mark:️Women and men also need to maintain muscle mass and bone strength. I think the appeal is universal.


Oh I meant to add to this thread… my female partner has begun writing about her views & experiences with Soylent as well, in case some are interested in specifically a female’s POV on the matter.

I’ll send her the link to the survey as well.