Are there others on Soylent that are experiencing no side effects?

I’ve seen all the posts about gas, headaches etc. I’m curious if anyone is not experiencing these side effects ?

Today is day 8 for me of eating 75% to 100% of my meals from Soylent and I have no added gas and the smell is nothing like people describe (if any at all).
Bathroom visits are still going on just like before.
I don’t notice any different smell to me (neither does my wife).
Urine hasn’t changed color and isn’t super smelly.
I don’t feel like I have any less or more energy.
I sleep the same as before, usually interrupted from dreams as the alarm clock goes off.
Some days, I’m still tired in the morning like before and hit the snooze.
I don’t feel like I have extra energy while riding my mountain bike, or less energy.
No changes in the bedroom. :wink:

My only change is the lack of me eating foods and having to find a bathroom right away. If I ate a cheeseburger that greasy burger with the cheese would usually run through me pretty quick. With Soylent, I’m not having to deal with that.

Overall, nothing has changed for me. My diet before was terrible and now I would say it’s much better. Before, I skipped breakfast and lunch. If I did eat lunch, it was always fast food type foods. My dinners mostly hasn’t changed, regular stuff like spaghetti, burgers/brats, pizza, or whatever else we make with the family.

TLDR: Are there others like me that are having a good experience without the side effects (gas, headaches, fatigue, smells, etc) ??


I’ve had a good experience since my gas went away (about 1-1.5 weeks after I started.)

I’ve had a good experience. Soylent might have given me more energy. I feel better, faster, when I play tennis, though that’s probably due to my losing a bit of weight since being on 75-90% Soylent.

I drink a little whenever I am peckish–no guzzling it down–so that probably avoided the gas problem others were complaining about. I also haven’t gone the extremist route: I eat out with friends and family sometimes still. That stuff probably all helped my good experience thus far. I got my Soylent 4th of July weekend.

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I know it’s weird, but I feel a little bad for you. It seems like really toxic gas is part of the “Soylent Experience…”

I’m kind of looking forward to my first few days on Soylent and the dutch oven my wife is going to get.


My stomach was rumbling a bit on my second day of Soylent, but I’ve been fine otherwise. Gas is a bit stinky (like sulfur) but only my roommate gets that and he’s the same way from Soylent. On the positive side I don’t have an afternoon crash anymore, more even energy levels. That’s about it.

I work outside, usually by myself…but when I do get to work with other guys it’s usually in small enclosed areas. I was very disappointed. :wink:


I’m an occasional Soylenter – my original order hasn’t arrived yet, but I scored some off eBay. Right now my biggest problem is that I really like the taste, so I can easily down 1000 calories before lunch instead of letting a liter take me through the whole work day. This is a self-control issue, not a Soylent issue. :smile:

Maybe if I stopped adding cinnamon, so it didn’t taste like the world’s most awesome horchata…

No other side effects here. But I’m not a Soylent-only or long-term user, yet.

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Mandarin Skin Plus (MS+)!!! It works like a dream for me and it’s all natural too. It’s made from Mandarin Skins and significantly helps in digestion. I found it worked on the first day as I use to experience all of those side effects with Soylent! Highly recommend. I swear by it. Let me know how it goes!

The digestive issues some people were reporting were my biggest concern, but obviously not enough of a concern to stop me from trying Soylent. I’ve been on soylent for a solid month now. Three meals a day five days a week and two meals a day on the weekends. I’m happy to report that everything is running just fine. Actually, I did notice one thing. I poop less. Is that weird? I don’t poop less often, still once a day, just less quantity and not as smelly. (Lol, this is weird to talk about!) That is the only “side-effect” I’ve experienced, if it even qualifies as a side effect.


I’ve never attempted to go 100% on Soylent. The closest I’ve come is 50% – normal lunch, Soylent for dinner.

I haven’t had even the slightest symptom so far (~2 weeks). I’m really pleasantly surprised.

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Several months now at 2/3 to 3/4 Soylent (except when I’m traveling), and no negative side effects whatsoever.

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Six months 100% Soylent plus some snacks with no side effects.

Six months on Jake and Nutrilent and no side effects whatsoever