Are there plans to release any shortterm/longterm medical reports?

I’d figure there would be a large amount of 50%+ Soylentnauts whom have been using it for the last 12 months… is there any plan for an official or unofficial census for these users?

Has there been any major interest in any kind of testing of blood, body and mental responses? Any major reported side effects?


I am also quite interested in this subject and have decided to do my own testing. It will be slightly skewed though as I take an iron supplement. I believe monthly/quarterly testing should be sufficient. Just checked in to my new assignment, so I hope to discuss things soon with my provider and a nutritionist to get things rolling.

planning to do the same, switch for 100% for 1-2 months (aug-sep) and publish pre/post blood test results…shall we form some blood-test data storage space…?

How can that be done?

@Conor Would Soylent sponsor some sort of hosting for people who wanted to share before/after Soylent use blood tests? I think it might help you guys as well.

Several people keep up with it, I think.


I’ll inquire with the development team.