Are there premade micronutrient blends that have sufficient absorption in the body?


I’ve been reading a lot about it and I think I’m now aware of most things I should be aware of.

The big issues seem to be time and complexity. It’s easy to measure and add some protein powder, some maltodextrin+fiber, and some oil.

The micronutrient side of things, however, is complicated. I fully understand how to calculate and measure these, but it still seems like a fair amount of work. Perhaps more work than just making my normal meals. I think the solution is a homogenized blend of micronutrients in the right proportions.

I’ve seen people writing about just using a multivitamin, and this seems plenty easy.

The question is: do we know how well multivitamins are absorbed by the body?

I’ve seen lots of debate on vitamin supplement absorption.


I use the multivitamin method, and I’m quite concerned about this. Since I spent my last dollar on Soylent ingredients I can’t exactly afford any blood tests to see if I’m low on anything. I just keep telling myself that it’s probably more than I got eating crap food all the time.

Something else of concern are the interactions between certain things when digested at the same time. E.g. calcium and iron don’t get along very well at all and tend to cancel each other out.


I think you’d be better off going to a farmer’s market regularly.


I couldn’t afford that, and it would be back on the ramen diet for me.


Where are you from? In Europe farmer’s markets tend to be cheaper than supermarkets. I managed to cut my groceries bill by 1/3 by shopping there.


In a part of the united states where the farmer’s market isn’t much cheaper if at all different, and is only available a few months out of the year.


There have been studies done on mutlivitamins. The data is relatively conclusive: They don’t work as well as when they come from whole food. Most multi-vitamins are made cheaply, and have poorly absorbing versions of the vitamins (because they’re cheaper…) in them and you’re just going to poop or pee it out. You want to buy versions of your micronutrients that have been designed to be more bioavailable (potassium gluconate, ferrous gluconate, etc.). I don’t recommend just popping a multi-vit and with your sugar/whey/oil mix and calling it a day People survive on McDonald’s though, so you probably won’t die, it’s just that you could probably be healthier.

It does take some work to figure out what you need. I used excel, this site: and the google(finding most bioavailable options, how much is in my juice concoction, etc) to figure out exactly what I need for my micronutrients. It took me the better part of an afternoon. The good news is that you only have to do it once and it’s done. I supplement daily with a trace mineral pill, D3, magnesium bis-glycinate, tahini(which has phosphorous), salt, a sublingual liquid b-vitamin complex (which doesn’t have the absorption problems of more traditional vitamin supplements,) choline, ferrous gluconate, potassium gluconate, fish oil, flax seed, and finally a fresh juice (juicers are baller) made from celery, kale, cucumber, red cabbage, and an orange. I’m 97.3% sure that everything is covered and in the correct amounts. Anectdotally, I’ve been soylenting for 8 days and although I’m doing a 500 calorie deficit, I have way more energy than when I was eating regular food.


Care to share your spreadsheet?


Yeah, I’d love to see your spreadsheet too :smile:


My spreadsheet is basically just the nutrients from the site I linked copied and pasted into excel with a bunch of numbers and words next to it. I should have made it so that it could be used by other people, but I didn’t think to, sorry.


Spreadsheets are editable, or so they say. And looking at the clock I see there’s still time.


In that case I recommend using some of that time to edit a spreadsheet figuring out how you will get the nutrients recommended for you by that website from various supplements. :slight_smile: Your micronutrient recommendations from the calculator will not be the same as mine. Get to werk son.


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