Are there Soylent competitors like this?

Any Soylent competitors with the following characteristics?

Low saturated fat
Low cholesterol
Very Low Heavy Metals
Enough calories for real meal replacement
Balanced nutrition for meal replacement
Low glysemic index / load
Ideally around same price as Soylent or less in the US

Basically like Soylent except possibly a different fat to carb ratio.

Also, I’m not looking for powder that looks home made. That makes me too nervous.

Why would you want more carbs? Wouldn’t that just increase the glycemic load?

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Sounds like you are looking for something very specific, tailored to what you want/need. Your best shot will be getting over your nervousness and making your own.


Consider super fuel which ticks most of your boxes, (or for more protein, its stable-mate athlete fuel); and if that doesn’t do it, start browsing the DIY recipes, surely there’s one you’ll like.

GregH, not sure whether there is a way to increase carbs without increasing glysemic load significantly.

Thanks for the suggestions. For clarification, I love Soylent. I was just wondering whether there are some alternatives that meet most of Soylent’s good characteristics for the purposes of variety.

I don’t think these websites have enough data to search by all of your criteria, but you might be able to narrow your search a bit by checking out and They should at least help you explore by macros and price and such. Good luck!