Are they going to discontinue Soylent powder?

I can’t afford to live off of 2.0 solely with out at least getting a second source of income. Plus 1.6 is easier and cheaper to store. Plus I’ll be able to makee it last long and order all of my food at once with it.

No, powder is still a big part of our business. While we have been focusing on flavors for our drink that does not mean we do not have plans for our powder.


I just saw 1.7 after I posted this and it made me so happy. Also, I can’t believe a celebrity like connor is responding to my first post. x)


When should we expect bulk powder? Merry Raucus Day!

@Conor, you’re big shit now! #conorfanclub

Also, welcome to Discourse, @Alexander_Jenkins :relaxed:


I answer these all day from my flying Lamborghini limo.


It’s Christmas, what are you doing strolling the boards?!

It’s another celeb. lol


Naten is a pretty big deal on the internet.

lmao, @Ode you’re pretty funny. :stuck_out_tongue:

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How’s your cousin Leroy these days?

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