Are they working on a 1.5? Will the slime still be around?


Any updates yet on next version of Soylent? They came out quite frequently in the beginning but it’s been quite dead since 1.4 came out.

I unfortunately can’t stand 1.4 because of the slimey texture so have paused my subscription. (I don’t wanna add extra water and therefore mess up the calorie intake. Also it makes me feel less full).


as far as i know, they are always tweaking the formula, but there are no updates till it is shipping


Denkert, have you tried other things to fix the sliminess? I started adding whey protein to my Soylent, originally because I exercise a lot and the rice protein wasn’t doing it for me. But I found that even a little bit of whey (25g per full packet of Soylent) cuts the sliminess way down. It does add 4 calories per gram of whey, but it makes the Soylent so much more palatable to me that I would do it even if I didn’t want the extra protein.


Adding water does not affect the calorie intake. (One bag of 1.4 per day has the same number of calories regardless of the amount of water.) Actually, adding water should make you feel more full since you are adding extra volume.


I don’t wanna add water into the pitcher cause then I don’t know (easily) how many calories are left that day. (I don’t eat 2000, I eat about half of that) Adding water to a single portion requires me to chill the water first, otherwise it gets nasty warm (I prefer my Soylent very very cold) so it’s just… more hassle that I didn’t have to worry about with 1.3 (or previous versions).

I have added berries and such to make the drink much better and it’s all working, I just don’t wanna have to deal with that since I didn’t have to with 1.3. Basically, I got spoiled by 1.3. Thanks for the tip though, @wms !

(I know I probably sound whiny and spoiled, so sorry about that haha)


I also prefer mine ice cold. I put some ice cubes in the blender. (I never shake it using the Soylent pitcher; I always use a blender.) It makes it so cold that I can’t drink it all at once. Later, when I go to have another glass I put in more ice cubes before starting the blender. It makes a world fo difference.


Try crushing up a Beano (for the alpha-galactosidase enzyme) and adding it to the Soylent. The enzyme will break down the polysaccharides from the oat that are causing the slimy texture. It’s an easy fix that doesn’t require dilution.


Yes, no doubt. And I really, really hope the slime is gone/lessened.

I’ve tried pretty much every suggestion put forth on this forum to fix the slime issue, to no avail. That doesn’t mean it can’t be fixed for anyone, just that we all have different experiences, tastes, and thresholds, etc. So, keep trying, and try not to get too frustrated at some posters here who basically insinuate that you are “doing it wrong”. There’s plenty of options to try, and if they fail for you, it shouldn’t be too long to wait for the next iteration of Soylent to come along. I’m confident that RL will continue improving all aspects of this product, going forward, as it is still essentially a product in its infancy.

Hang in there.


They just posted update, 1.5. Bunch of changes.


Haha so cool that it happened on the same day I wrote this. Consider this thread obsolete!


I used a sharpie and drew lines on my pitcher to mark thirds and quarters so I know how much I’ve consumed each day. I also do not need 2000 calls per day.