Are vitamins and minerals in Soylent water soluble?


What I mean is do the vitamins and minerals loose their potency when they sit in water for over an hour? If you put fresh vegetables in water, they will quickly loose their nutrients.


Wouldn’t that be only if the water were taken out after? o_O I mean it’s not like the nutrients evaporate…


Water soluable usually refers to how the body metabolizes and stores or elimates them. Water soluable vitamins taken in excess are eliminated in urine. Fat soluable are stored in fat cell and excess consumption can lead to toxicity. I’m not aware of water soluable vitamins in solution being less effective. If that was the case what about vitamin water ?


Water soluble vitamins like vitamin c are water soluble no matter what they are in, Soylent or other. That’s not changeable.

If veggies in water lose some vitamins into the water, then the vitamins are in the water, and you get them if you drink the water.

We drink all the water in Soylent.


Thanks. I saw this piece:

which says vegetables soaking in water leaches out the water soluble nutrients. I just wanted to make sure this didn’t happen with Soylent.

After my 3 week supply of Soylent, I am trying to make my own with fresh vegetables and all the other good stuff (the fish oil is not working out great!).


That says that some nutrients go from the veggies into the water. But again, if you drink the water, you still get the nutrients.

Also, it refers to some of the nutrients being degraded by the heat of cooking - there’s no heating involved in making Soylent, so that’s not a factor.