Are we really found ALL nutrients and vitamins in foodtech?

Hello friends.

I hope to put my topic in the right place.

I started to take a food tech product.

I really like the taste and the idea of going without cooking and looking for the right nutrients thrills me.

Nevertheless, I need to be enlightened on one question: are we really found ALL nutrients and vitamins in foodtech?

I mean, in normal times we make an effort to eat cauliflower, fish, rather rare and difficult to find foods, precisely in order to find rare elements.

And there I have a product at 3 € a meal, which gives me the same thing, effortlessly.

Can I really switch to FoodTech food entirely, and find everything my body needs?

Yours truly.

Considering the complexity involved I don’t think it’s possible (with current knowledge) to know exactly what the body needs and in what amounts, and such a thing doesn’t really exist anyway since individuals vary and what is optimal for one person is not necessarily optimal for another. It’s possible and very likely that Soylent isn’t the absolute optimal food for me to eat but then again the same is true for every other food I eat.

To me, Soylent is a shorthand tool to take the current knowledge about nutrition and use it to simplify my eating whenever I choose to do so. Sometimes I want a complicated meal and sometimes not and AFAIC the point of Soylent is to give me the option.

There’s a tendency among people to want their food to be perfect and IMO it’s all an illusion. It’s a manifestation of the need for people to have certainty and control and security. The idea that we have to eat but we don’t know with certainty what is best to eat is unsettling and so we just pretend we know what is best to eat.


Thank you.

I find it incredible that we cannot have a clear answer after several years of existence of Soylent and other Food Tech products.

It is interesting that you call it a food tech product. I have not heard that term before. Of course, it is accurate to say that Soylent is a product of food technology, but it is also a (mostly) simple product, made up of widely available food ingredients like soy protein and canola oil. And it is not the first instant food or meal replacement drink - those have been available for decades.

If you look online you will see that some people have gone for long periods eating only Soylent, and most of them have had no health problems as a result. I have no desire to that, and prefer having Soylent as part of my diet (a big part) instead of the whole thing.

I think it is also important to remember that the human digest system is flexible and omnivorous. People in different places around the world eat diets that are extremely different from each other.